Your Body Needs You

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When it comes to being busy, we are experts. We can be busy all day doing ‘things’. When you add in work, trying to get the right amount of sleep, a social life, drinking the right amount of water, a walk and so much more – it is easy to be busy. 

In fact, it is easy enough to be so busy you don’t hear your body calling out for some support. 

Think about how much your body goes through every day. Running to the bus stop, walking up and downstairs, standing for ages in the queue, and that is just the outside. The inside needs help too. So here are a few ways to check in with your body.


Starting with some meditation will give you time to notice all the small pulses and pulls in your body. It will help if you have a guided meditation app like Headspace or the Calm app to help you get started. While you are sitting and concentrating on your breathing, you have time to see how your body is feeling in general. 


Most of us are walking around with a tense jaw and slightly pulled up shoulders, and we don’t even notice it. Until suddenly someone mentions it. Clenching the jaw can be a big contributor to tension headaches. And those shoulders being pulled up and tensed will cause all sorts of muscle aches and knots too. 

Chronic Pain

There are some conditions where chronic pain is almost always present. It can be deflating to always feel that you are alone, too – which often happens with chronic pain or illness sufferers. Well, it’s time to seek some extra care and support. Sure, you probably have medication already, but trying rehabilitation with a trained therapist might just change your life. 

Feeling Tired?

If you are busy, it stands to reason you’ll feel a little run-down. However, you might consider that if you aren’t eating a well-balanced diet (and even if you are), your body needs some support. While in most cases a multivitamin will be ideal, you might like to head to the doctors and get a more accurate diagnosis so you can take the right supplements. Vitamin C, D, and B12 are typically the ones most people are in need of. 


Drink it often and drink it plenty. If you often seem to just forget that you need to drink water because you’re always glued to a coffee cup, it might be time to get an app on your phone with a water reminder – and stick to it. If you want to make it more attractive then get a reusable water bottle and take it everywhere with you too. 


Oh yes, you probably need a professional massage. When you head to a masseuse, they know how to work out all of the deep kinked muscles, loosen knots and relax your muscles in a way that you probably have had in a long time. Both you and your body deserve it. 

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