The World Isn’t Fairy Tales and Unicorns, Kim


I understand that you live a privileged life and that you were raised as such…HOWEVER let me school you on what’s going on in the real world.

Listen, I understand you not wanting any negative energy in your space…I totally get it. I chose to live a positive life and keep the good vibes flowing at all cost as well BUT when it comes issues such as racial inequality in America…that’s a very real issue that you just can’t swatch over.

Let me explain to you why people are so pissed off at you right now. For one…you can’t compare your sextape past to blatant racism. Period. The two circumstances do not correlate whatsoever. Jeffree Star’s comments weren’t just “negative” as you described. They were racial slurs. You sugar coating that fact is extremely condescending and it is disrespectful of you to ask your fans (many who are people of color) to just forget it and move on as if it never happened. Do you know the history of the country? Hell are you aware of the racial tensions that are currently going on in America? Your timing in defending a racist is absolutely impeccable.

As a public figure, you (and your entire family) need to learn to accept that negativity comes with the job. You can’t just say “Hey let’s all just be positive and happy guys!” when there is real shit going on outside of your Kardashian bubble. As it has been mentioned, you are a married to a black man and have two beautiful black children. Please understand that this in no way makes it okay for you to comment as if you have any authority on the black experience. Who do you think you are? The audacity of you to use your black husband and children as some sort co-sign is again…condescending and disrespectful. Now let’s talk about this weak ass apology…

Naïve? Kim…you are 30 something years old. Damn near 40. How can you be naïve about racism at this point? In this day in age, there is absolutely no reason to be naïve about anything when there are so many resources available. It’s clear you (and your family, you are not alone) only speak up about things that affect you financially. You know what you’re naïve about tho? Your white privilege. Because of your white privilege, you have the luxury of overlooking racism, bigotry, and hate when it’s convenient for you. Your fans however do not. Let me be clear, I need you to understand calling your fans “petty” for speaking out against a person who spews racist commentary is in itself supporting racism. Which makes you a catalyst for racism and a part of the problem.

Moving forward, if you don’t know enough about a situation to speak on it…THEN DON’T.  The world isn’t fairy tales and unicorns, Kim. So before you fix your mouth to tell my people to “get over” some racist shit again…I suggest you step outside your fantasy bubble, take a look at what’s actually happening in the world, and ask yourself is that something you would say to your children.


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