Winning At Life By Starting The Night Before

The battle in life is always won the night before. In life, we need to make the most of our bedtime to tackle the next day with enthusiasm and clarity. While this may sound like you’re going to war, in many ways, you are! You are fighting so many battles, internally and externally, that it’s essential that we have the adequate downtime in order to prepare. This is why you need to ensure that a bedtime routine doesn’t just consist of you lazing in front of Netflix idly flicking through Instagram, but actually using your bedtime to get the most out of the next day. What are the best ways to do this?

Planning Your Outfit

Have you heard of decision fatigue? It’s something that is frightfully common now, and when you have so many little decisions to make in life, they could all add up and wear you down internally. So, by making a few of the little decisions about your day the night before, you can wake up with a lot less on your mind, and so, ease into the day more effectively.

Choosing what to wear the night before isn’t just a way to save you dilemmas when you wake up, but you actually have the time the night before, to decide on the best fashion combination. You can even take the time to look for some fashion inspiration online. Sites like Filly Flair provide an abundance of inspiration, and you can click here to find out if anything suits you. But it’s not just your outfit you can plan; your lunch, your itinerary for the day, anything that comes to mind, can be done the night before, which gives you more breathing space emotionally.

Beautifying Yourself

It doesn’t have to take hours, a quick beauty routine, or even taking the opportunity to figure out a new beauty routine if the one you’re currently doing isn’t working, will be a worthy addition to your bedtime routine. If you think that your time in front of the phone is quality time, and isn’t doing you any damage as far as beautifying yourself is concerned, in fact, the decrease of melatonin and the increase of cortisol caused by using your phone will show up in a lack of quality sleep.

A beauty routine is not just about moisturizing, it’s about achieving a sense of healthiness on the inside. Your bedtime needs to be relaxing and rejuvenating, but if you are surrounding yourself with electronics, you’re not going to get that beauty sleep you need.

Having quality downtime

And if bedtime is the only opportunity for you to relax, it needs to be as productive a relaxation time as possible. If you struggle to get to sleep at night, not only should you think about removing electronics or installing blackout blinds, but you should think about ways to calm your mind. Meditation doesn’t work for everyone, but something like breathing exercises might. And it’s worth incorporating some form of mindfulness exercise, so not only do you feel calm before you go to sleep, you will rest well, and wake up ready to face the day.

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