Will You Ever WAKE UP Mr. West?

Kanye West, Yeezy, the Louie Vuitton Don, Ye, Yeezus…whatever name you call him, make sure you call him crazy because that’s exactly how he’s acting right now! I tried not to write this blog post, LORD knows I did because I am a true blue Kanye fan and I am trying to hold on to this man in my heart but he is really trying my spirit…

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Today, May 1st, kicks off Mental Health Awareness month and Kanye West is someone who, for the most part, has made his struggles with mental health public. In his interview with Charlamagne the God that was finally released today, he openly talks about his “break through” while in the hospital (Kanye was hospitalized back in 2016 for “exhaustion”. Read more about that here.)

In this interview, Kanye came off as intelligent, honest, and he really gave a better understanding to some of the outlandish things he’s been tweeting these last few weeks. After watching this nearly two-hour video, I thought to myself “THAT’S THE YE THAT I KNOW AND LOVE!”!


Words can not describe how disappointed I am with Kanye in this moment.

Kanye West has always been a polarizing figure in entertainment. His truth, genius and confidence in himself is what made him beloved by so many, especially in the black community. Somewhere along the way, the black community lost him. The music wasn’t enough…WE weren’t enough. Ye’s infatuation with being accepted by white people is something that I think we all will never understand. BUT to make a statement or even SUGGEST that the enslavement of blacks in this country sounds like a “choice” is just straight up wrong. The fact that one of the biggest and most influential voices in entertainment would make a statement that feeds into the narrative in white America that white privilege isn’t real is dangerous. It’s disrespectful to our ancestors and anyone else who has worked extremely hard for blacks to advance in this country. I know that everyone is allowed to have their opinions, but I also know that with influence, comes responsibility.

Van Lathan from TMZ Live said to Kanye what I think all of us have been wanting and trying to say to him for a while now.

A post shared by keena renée (@bykeenarenee) on I know ya’ll want me to bash Kanye but I’m not going to do that. Do I think he has lost it…hell yes. Truthfully, I am all for free thinking and believe that everyone should have their own thoughts and opinions. My problem with Kanye is that his free thinking is at the expense and on the backs of the very people that got him to where he is today…his people. 

So to Mr. West, as a fan I ask you humbly, will you EVER wake up?


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