Why You Can’t Focus (And What You Could Do About It)

We can find ourselves distracted so much in the modern age it can be a bit of pressure on our brains. Emotionally, physically, and even in terms of being able to feel more relaxed, it seems that because we have an abundance of distractions. This doesn’t just mean that we are in a higher state of anxiety but we can’t ever focus on one thing at a time. We live in an age of bitesize information, and this means that when we tried to apply our skills to something long-term we may not have the focus. So with this in mind, are there any reasons why you cannot focus, and also what can you do about this?

Do You Lack Energy?

It could very well be a case of feeling burnt out and you need lots of energy to retain your focus. Glucose is one of the main components of your brain in terms of energy. But if you find that, over time, you are just not able to focus, there are specific practices you can take advantage of. Something like neurofeedback treatment has been shown to help people with ADHD and other symptoms, and this could provide an extra bit of stimulation to your brain. When we think about stimulating our minds, we could very quickly go for fuel, like sugar, but if you lack energy, or there’s just something not stimulating us in the right way, shocking our brain and shocking our body could provide us with that spark.

How Are Your Emotional Reserves? 

When you are distracted by something in an emotional sense, it’s going to take all your focus and attention. As stress comes out, unsurprisingly, you struggle to focus. Emotions can override everything we do and cause us to focus on our anxieties and concerns. If you don’t have emotional reserves like resilience, struggling to focus on one task at a time is nearly impossible. Emotional reserves aren’t just about resilience, but it’s about things like confidence, and ensuring that you aren’t exposed to stress. Or if you are, figuring out ways to handle it is crucial.

Are You Engaged In The Subject Matter?

This is crucial because if you think that you don’t focus on anything and you engage with the subject matter a lot of the time, if you can’t memorize something, are you just not that interested in it? Also, think about the fact that they may be something burrowing underneath the surface of your mind. For example, if you struggle to hear, it’s not going to be a surprise that you can’t focus on what’s going on. A lot of people struggle with understanding what people say and avoid engaging because it’s easier for them to cope. But if you are fine with your hearing, do you care about what you are learning? Sometimes we think that we need to learn something because it’s good for us, but if we don’t care, this is why we’re not able to engage with the subject matter. Figure out ways to focus on the subject matter itself, especially if it’s essential such as mnemonics or the Feynman Technique, and this will help you to focus.

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