Why We Are Often So Wrong About Ourselves?

Many people believe they know who they are. To some extent, they are absolutely correct. In fact, if you cannot know who you are, then it’s unlikely anyone else can. We are who we are, and as we go through life, we change. Odds are, if you’re sat here and reading this, you have a pretty clear sense of why, of your daily plans, and of the beliefs you hold.

However, it’s often very true that our impressions of ourselves are so much more shallow than we believe them to be. All of us are infinitely more complex than we could ever consider, and infinitely connected to everything around us much more than we know. Trying to figure all of that out would be overwhelming, and of course, often be an exercise in futility.

However, it’s worth keeping this in mind if we believe ourselves to be staunchly for something, or if we have our minds completely made up, because we can never truly know, for 100% certain, if we are who we say we are. This can all sounds quite vague, so let us approach some tangible, practical means in which this may work:

You’re Stronger Than You Think

You’re much stronger than you think, and we only truly recognize this when we overcome something difficult. It’s in those moments where we have to be there for someone else, or when we have to lend a listening ear, or when we have to stay strong through a difficult issue in life that we notice just how strong we are. So why not realize that now? It might be that this is the knowledge that helps you attend that addiction treatment center, or that gives you the impetus to move forward and speak to that family member you have been disconnected from for so long. You’re stronger than you think.

You’re Wiser Than You Think

It’s easy to convince yourself that you are one of two things – either perfectly in the know, or nowhere near skilled or knowledgeable enough to move forward. This fear can come when offered a new promotion, or when having to deal with something out of our comfort zone. The truth is that learning as a trial by fire, or doing our best to overcome something we had previously thought impossible can teach us plenty about ourselves, and it will do, day after day.

You’re Kinder Than You Think

It’s unfortunately quite common for people to think they are worse people than they might be, although many people consider those they do not like to have a lack of self-awareness. We may fail to hold the elevator open for someone due to being in our own world, and think that we are simply irredeemable as we feel guilt for the next hour. Of course, that’s not true. You are kinder than you think. Sometimes, finding this out means being kinder to yourself. Why not try it, and see how beautiful this can be?

With this advice, we hope to give you a clearer impression of yourself.

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