Why Having an Accountability Partner is Empowering AF

If you’re anything like me, you have a tendency to procrastinate like a mofo. I literally will tell myself “Hey Queen! You gotta get a blog post up today!” and will go the whole weekend without cracking open my MacBook. When I decided to start this blog, I had very clear and specific goals I wanted to accomplish and one of those was to do better at maintaining consistency. Sometimes we all need that extra push in life, having a buddy in your corner that you can check in with, share your goals and celebrate your successes with is all the push we need.

Since linking up with an AP, I gotta admit that its definitely boosted my productivity and has been an empowering experience for many reasons. Here are few things that have been effective and empowering for me.

You have a someone cheering for you

You should definitely always be your own cheerleader, however having a buddy on the sidelines to give you that extra ego boost when you need it is always a big help.

You have someone to call you out when you’re lacking

Sharing your goals with someone close to you allows that person to act as your own personal Deebo. Meaning, you have someone to whip you back in to shape when you fall off your square. Everyone needs a bit a tough love every now and then. Some more so than others. For myself, I appreciate hearing the criticism when I’m slacking off. It brings me clarity as to what I need work on moving forward and ways that I can prevent making the same mistakes.

They help keep YOU a priority

One of the biggest issues that I have is putting other people’s needs before my own. As a friend, I am always willing to help people achieve their goals but often times I find myself going overboard and frequently neglecting my own. Having an AP helps keep myself at the TOP of my priority list.

You will feel good knowing you are empowering someone else too

It’s all about the give back. It feels just as good to be on the giving end as it does on the receiving. Knowing that you are making a difference in your AP’s life by helping them achieve their goals is a win win all around. Beside why wouldn’t you want to reciprocate the love and motivation that you receive from your AP on a daily basis?

Whatever your goals are in life, whether you want to shed a couple pounds, start a new business venture or just work on being a better you, consider confiding in somebody that you know and trust to be your accountability partner. As the title of the blog suggest, having an AP is empowering AF! Who wouldn’t want to be empowered on a regular basis? Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Why Having an Accountability Partner is Empowering AF”

  1. I think that’s my problem..well one of them..😊 I feel, in a way, alone because I’m the only one of my friends that blogs, so they wouldn’t understand at times I need that extra push or advice to help me with my blog. Very good read! Look forward to reading more! 🤗

    1. Thanks for reading Latoya! You can connect with me on Twitter @byKeenaRenee whenever you need that extra push 👍🏾

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