Why Cultural Understanding is Important

If you’re reading this, you’re likely human. If not, we’re surprised this article has managed to make its way to extraterrestrial life. That’s quite humbling to think about. Still, i’m not so assumptive as to expect this, so for now, I’ll assume you’re homo sapien. As this human, you have a certain duty to steward knowledge important to you. Some of this comes through experience. Some of it comes through book smarts. Some of it is taught to you by those closest.

However, every capable human being, no matter where on planet Earth, can benefit from becoming a lifelong learner. Developing cognitive understanding can help inform our character, help us gain perspective, and direct our lives. You needn’t be the most proficient farmer, programmer or any other highly specialist worker to consider yourself intelligent. Sometimes the scope of a life depends on knowledge much deeper, the knowledge we can all appreciate.

We are products of the time we live in, but that time has been molded by all the history that has come before us, establishing the world we now come home. We will shape this for those living tomorrow, with or without our intentions.

A person who cannot look back and gain an appreciation for the heights of human achievement is someone missing an imagination, or a care for the world they are part of. Choosing select fields and learning more could help you become a well rounded individual, someone who understands references and generates a healthy interest in the world around them.

After all, if you wish to be interested, you have to be interesting.

A little cultural appreciation goes a long way. You may decide to read an excellent book on the mythology of Ancient Greece, absorb this amazing classical music guide, or head to your local natural history museum and see the spawn of the earliest life forms of Earth in stunning replicated detail.

We often keep ourselves bound to the current zeitgeist, learning which celebrity said what, or who disrespected who, or what television show is the hottest right now. However, looking back yields you as much content as you could ever need, and this can intellectually nourish you, and gain an appreciation for the wonder of civilization. We know which choice will provide you with the most sustenance in the long term.

Understanding your own history can be important too. Like it or not, you are the ancestor of a long line of successful humans, all with care and cause and stories to tell. While it’s impossible to know this entire history, learning what you can will bring you to a sense of understanding who you are, not to bind you but to help you understand yourself more.

In short, the human experience is not fully explored if you never surround yourself with the basic learning of what has come before. You needn’t be the most learned individual, but you’d be surprised just how much this effort can enrich you in more ways than one. That, and it’s just pure, fascinating fun to do so. We hope this has motivated you to seek that knowledge for yourself.


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