Why Can’t You Learn New Things As An Adult?

Learning is a lot easier when you’re a child. It is one of those age myths that is only half true. Yes, children can acquire new knowledge faster than anyone else. It has to do with brain plasticity. Indeed the brain is a plastic organ that can constantly restructure itself and change through learning.

As children need to learn and master a lot of new skills during the first years of their life, from walking to communicating, it’s easy to see why they can gain and keep knowledge better than you and me. However, the act of learning maintains your brain plasticity. In other words, the more you learn, the better you get at learning, regardless of your age. 

There is virtually nothing in the human body that should affect your ability to pick up a new language or master a new instrument as an adult. Of course, you won’t be able to learn overnight, but neither do children – so, no need to feel awkward about it! However, adults tend to make it a lot harder for themselves. If you’re keen to boost your skills but struggle to learn anything new, it might be because of one of these three self-inflicted obstacles: 

You are afraid of failing

Here’s an important truth you are going to have to accept if you want to learn anything new. You are going to suck at it at first. But it’s not a bad thing. You wouldn’t want to learn something you already know how to do. So, you are going to fail until you finally get the hang of it. Ease up on yourself and accept that it will take time for you to become an expert. Being too hard on yourself is not going to motivate you to learn quicker. It is only going to discourage you from trying again. Learning is a journey that begins with failure and ends in success. 

You need to build a new relationship with your teacher

When you were a student, your teacher was the figure of authority. However, when you approach learning as an adult, you can find it hard to build a trustworthy relationship with your teacher. Indeed, you’ve long lost the rose-tinted glasses through which you used to look at your teacher. It’s time to build a new relationship based on mutual respect and understanding. For a music student, for instance, finding out their mentor is none other than Scott Henderson guitar legend can help to establish a bond of trust. Take the time to get to know each other before the first lesson. 

You’re convinced you don’t have enough time

Kids have got the whole day to learn. But adults need to work. How are you going to make time to boost your skills? By not wasting your precious time! Indeed, the average person waste 4 hours every day watching TV and almost 3 hours checking their smartphone. That’s a lot of time you could use to do something more valuable with yourself. 

Are adults incapable of learning new things? Of course not! But one thing is for sure; we are not good learners. We worry too much about making mistakes, trusting our teacher, or running out of time. Learning should be a fun and enjoyable activity; after all, your brain loves learning. 


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