When Coping Mechanisms Become Harmful

Everyone has some way or another of winding down. Maybe after a stressful day, you can’t wait to come home and pour yourself a nice glass of wine. Maybe you comfort eat when you have gone through something emotionally traumatic. Perhaps you are using a substance to calm yourself down before events in your everyday life such as work, running errands or talking with people who you might think judge you.

We all find some way of coping with the everyday stresses and strains of life. However, at what point do our coping mechanisms become harmful to us? As with anything, too much of something can be to your detriment. At first these things might have really helped us to continue on when we thought we couldn’t. We might even develop some kind of emotional attachment to our coping mechanism. Thus we cannot see when we’re overdoing something that appears to help us on the surface. Here are some examples of when this occurs.

Eating when we’re down

It’s true, eating fatty and sugary foods otherwise known as junk food can boost our endorphin levels. We do feel a quick dose of happiness and we begin to be more content with the world. However food cannot change the circumstances in our life that make us depressed or anxious. It’s a short lived high and quickly fades. All that has been done is that you have eaten in excess of your normal calorie count. Do this enough times and you will rapidly begin to put weight on. This then harms our health in so many ways. Instead of comfort eating, you should try to relieve some of that anxious energy through workouts. Even just a 5 or 10-minute stretching session can help calm your nerves down.

The harmful friend

Why do we allow ourselves to give in to temptation when we know it will harm us in the end? Nicotine is one of those substances that some people have grown to yearn every day of the week. Putting this substance into our bodies or moreover our lungs it becomes lodged in us and breaks up the normal function of our cells. Instead you might find that another coping mechanism is better for your anxiety and other emotional hurdles.

Take for example these Deals for Vape Sourcing where you can find your own ingredient and use it with moderation instead of craving nicotine. Far less harmful and far less expensive, vaping has become very popular all around the world. It’s also going to last you longer, fits into your pocket easily making it very portable. There are different flavors to choose from also, so you will find it more versatile than the conventional vice. However swapping out the harmful friend that you carry with you is the first challenge as climbing over that hurdle too is the first step.

We all have some kind of coping mechanisms for the stresses in our lives. Eating junk food is very very common. You must realize that anxiety can be flushed out rather than drowned inward. Rather than binge eat and put on weight, release your tension with a small workout.

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