What to Consider When Extending Your Stay When Travelling

Travelling around the world is top of many people’s bucket lists. Maybe you have visited a few countries and now, you have been bitten by the bug as you let the wanderlust take over. Travelling is a great way to not only see the world but to learn more about how other people live and the different cultures across the globe.

So what happens when you don’t want to go home? When you finally find somewhere you love enough to settle down and explore a little bit more. Whether you choose to stay for a few months or a few years, there is nothing stopping you from applying to extend your stay.

What to Consider When Extending Your Stay When Travelling in a Foreign Country

Check Your Visa

Whilst it may not be possible to permanently extend your stay when travelling, providing you have the correct visa, you may have the option to extend your stay for a short period of time. When applying for your visa make sure you know the rules and requirements before you travel so you are aware of what is required when it comes to extending your trip.

It may be that you need to prove you can fund your trip and extended stay without employment. Or you have a working visa allowing you to earn an income for the duration of your stay. Terms are different from country to country and breaking the terms of your visa including overstaying can lead to fines and/or the termination of your trip.

Extending your visa during your stay may require a hefty additional fee. For example, extending a 3-month visa to 6 months in the UK can cost £993. This is why doing your homework is important before you travel. It is best to know exactly what to expect should you decide to extend your stay.

Housing Options

It goes without saying that if you are looking to stay in a country for a while, you want to have somewhere to call home. Checking in and out of hotels can be expensive and hostels aren’t really suitable for the long term, especially if you are on a working holiday. Looking for long term holiday rentals and options such as an HDB 1 room flat rental could work out cheaper, in the long run, depending on how long you are staying for.

Some countries, such as Australia, have programs where accommodation is provided in exchange for work. Whatever your situation, if you plan to stay in one place it is worth looking into renting a place you can call home until you embark on your next adventure.


As we mentioned earlier, some travel visas forbid you from gaining employment to fund your stay overseas. If you are looking at extending your stay beyond your initial planned time, having the funds to support your stay is vital. Especially if you are unable to do this via employment.

For this reason, it pays to know how you are literally going to be paying for your stay. Whilst the whimsy side of spontaneously jetting off somewhere and not returning home is attractive, these days, it isn’t quite so simple. Planning and preparation are key here and building up a saving fund to pay for any time spent in different countries will be something you will be grateful for when you put this into practice.

Finding yourself in an unfamiliar country where you may not speak the language with no funds is more a nightmare than a dream and something I think everyone would want to avoid if they can. So take the extra time to top up your travelling nest egg before you leave to give you something to fall back on should you need it.

Alternatively, if you feel this could happen on your journey or you are wanting to fund your trip as you travel, having the correct visa as discussed previously is of utmost importance to allow you to gain employment and work as you make your way across your chosen country.

Being Prepared.

Knowing what to expect in each of the countries you are visiting goes a long way. From being organised and having all your travel documents to hand and in order to be fully aware of the explicit terms of your entry visa so you don’t violate any of them and have your trip cut short. It makes sense to know as much as possible beforehand so you don’t encounter any nasty surprises along your way and you can enjoy each and every country you plan to visit as fully as you want to without any issues.

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