What Makes Cavite Better than Manila

Cavite and Manila are often mentioned in the same breath. Although the former is a province and the latter represents the Philippines’ capital region, they share many parallels outside their locations on the map.

Being relatively prosperous, Cavite and Manila have been favorite destinations of migrants from the rest of the archipelago for decades. As a result, stressful traffic conditions and densely populated neighborhoods are currently commonplace in both places.

Despite the apparent similarities between the two, Cavite remains a better place to live.

Affordable Housing

The cost of a house and lot in Cavite area appeals to more people. The “CA” in Calabarzon has also embraced industrialization, making it a magnet for investors in manufacturing. That is why countless Filipinos from various regions have been flocking to its economic zones for work for as long as everyone can remember.

The increase in population instigated the housing boom in Cavite. The province may be small in size, but it has been systematically converting its agricultural land for residential use. Over the past years, practically each of its municipalities and cities has turned pieces of farmland into subdivisions.

Although high demand has been consistently driving land values up, Cavite continues to produce newly formed neighborhoods dedicated to socialized housing. That is why it attracts outsiders of all income classes.

The same can’t be said about Manila. The metro is so overcrowded with residential and commercial establishments it is now turning to reclamation to expand its land area at the expense of the Manila Bay. Most, if not all, of the capital region’s cities have high-rises to accommodate aspiring new residents, but housing options are widely limited to condominiums.

Cavite does not have lots of condo units for sale yet, but its strength lies in its abundant house and lot packages. You do not even need to buy a piece of real estate up front. Rent-to-own housing programs are popular in the province, which helps aspiring homeowners save up for a down payment more easily.

Cost of Living

Cavite almost has everything Manila has to offer, plus it is a less expensive place to reside. Dining and entertainment spots are conveniently available in all economically growing areas. Transportation is also easily accessible with plenty of options to choose from. The prices of products and services are more affordable virtually across the board compared to those in Manila.

In other words, you do not have to spend as much money to have fun in Cavite as you will anywhere in Manila. You can fill your belly, watch movies, get drunk, and experience Nature without draining your finances in the province.

Availability of Tourist Spots

Cavite has breathtaking natural attractions, such as Mount Pico de Loro and Balite Falls, Manila could only envy. It has several coastal communities, most of which have charming beaches. Tagaytay City can be reached with just one or two rides from many points of the province. The sleepiest towns in Cavite, like the municipality of General Emilio Aguinaldo, also have plenty of touristy gems waiting to be experienced.

It is not an accident that Cavite is one of the most populous provinces in the entire Philippines. It may not have the glamour of Manila, but its unique set of characteristics makes it more charming than the capital on many levels.

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