What Does Your Health Mean To You?

One of the most pressing questions that are asked in life is “what does health mean to you?”. It’s a bold question as it has many answers that will differ from person to person. Most people will answer with things about their need to exercise and eat healthily, and while it’s important to indulge in both of these things, it’s also a very limited view of what encompasses good health.

For some people, regular eye tests and new glasses are essential. The cost of hearing aids is a concern for others, so they have to weigh up what is important: their hearing or their insurance costs. There are plenty of answers out there that can equate to what health means to some, and we’ve put together some of the answers that are often given.


There are some out there that believe that a healthy life must involve a level of creativity to be balanced. Creative pursuits like dancing, music and art are necessary for stress reduction and have other health benefits that people rely on for a healthy and happy life. It’s healthy to contribute something to the world, and it’s also an outlet for inside feelings that you may have trouble getting out.


Almost everything that we think about doing in life involves physical action. No one dreams about typing on a keyboard all their lives or remaining stuck in front of a computer screen all the time. We are required to move, to make, to explore, if we ever hope to do more in the world. We often take for granted our health and how much our movement means to us, and not everyone has the privilege of freedom of movement. Those of us who do should maximize it and embrace it where possible, with movement and exercise.


As social beings, humans need others to interact with to feel social and wanted. Otherwise, we end up living an isolated and quiet life that can be detrimental to our health. Choosing the right people to connect with has a positive impact on health, so think about how you are dealing with others and whether the people in your life currently are bringing something positive to it or not. If not, walk away and find a new circle to interact with.


There is a vast world out there to explore, and we are curious creatures without even trying. Every day has a chance for exploration and part of living a healthy life involves exploring and discovering. It gives us an opportunity to learn the world in a new way every time we visit somewhere new, and this brings enrichment and joy, which soothes the soul and supports mental health.

Health isn’t just about money; though it plays a factor, it’s about knowing the world around you and seeing it for how it can enhance your health not hurt it. Learn what makes you feel healthy and embrace it all.

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