Wanderlust 101: Teach To Travel

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If you are something of a prolific backpacker, the chances are that you are hot footing it somewhere around the world more often than you are at home. Sometimes the itch of wanderlust becomes too strong, and you have no choice but to scratch it.

If only your finances were as healthy as your appetite for immersing yourself in new cultures. Instead of spending your months saving up for another trip, why not consider working your way around the planet. One of the most well paid jobs to have when travelling is teaching.

Even if you don’t have an educating bone in your body, you can still impart your knowledge onto the world. Take a look at how teaching while travelling is easier than you think.

Get Qualified

You don’t have to be Albert Einstein to teach people. The easiest subject to teach when overseas is your native tongue of English. Don’t worry too much if your spelling isn’t top notch or your grammar could do with refreshing.

By choosing to learn English with an online IELTS tutor, you can brush up on your syntax and then consider moving onto a TEFL qualification. This means you will be certified to teach English anywhere on the planet.

Make sure that you take mock tests, revisit your English coursework from back in the day and use the wonders of the Internet to improve your vocabulary and punctuation.

Where To Go

There are some usual suspects when it comes to teaching English overseas. In Japan, there are many well established and reputable companies that will place you within a school to teach kindergarten or older students.

The class sizes are much more manageable than they are in the UK and behavior doesn’t tend to be an issue. Or perhaps you’d prefer to teach businessmen in the Far East the more formal conventions of the English language.

You may work thirty hours a week but in return get a healthy wage and the ability to use your free time to travel. Immersing yourself in a culture isn’t difficult when you are living, breathing and working in a destination.

You might prefer somewhere a little less developed. If you aren’t too worried about saving as you travel, and you just want enough money to fund your trip, consider hot footing it to Uganda, Lesotho or Kenya in Africa. You could help set up a small tuition center and empower the youth of those countries with the power of bilingualism.

Another continent worthy of consideration is South America. The hotpot of Spanish and Portuguese speaking nations are crying out for proficient English teachers. You could find yourself in a little coastal town imparting your English knowledge onto a group of teenagers about to graduate from school. You might even be able to integrate into school life, run a club and begin to forge a life for yourself abroad.

The English language isn’t hard to master when you’re a native speaker. However, the skills needed to help other people understand the nuances of the language are trickier to master. If you want to travel, see the world and commit to a longer stay in any given destination, then teaching to travel could be for you.


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