Vic Mensa (@VicMensa) Responds To Freestyle Backlash with “Empathy” [Watch]

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These last few days for Vic have been troublesome to say the least. Let me get you up to speed. Vic Mensa participated in the cypher at this year’s BET Hip Hop Awards. During his freestyle, he had some choice words and harsh criticisms for Florida rapper XXXTentacion, who sadly was murdered earlier this year.

Fans of XXX got wind of the lyrics way before it aired and of course, social media had something to say about the diss.

Vic, who is known to be head strong and stand by his words, doubled down and explained his lyrics in an Instagram post.


Yesterday the BET Hip Hop Awards aired and people finally got to hear the diss in it’s entirety. For me, I do believe that the line was in poor taste and that Vic should have probably avoided mentioning XXX in that light altogether. However, Vic is entitled to his opinion. XXX wasn’t necessarily a “beloved emcee” before his passing. Many people who are “die-hard” fans of XXX now probably had no idea who he was before he passed. That’s fine because that’s the culture that we are in today.

Did XXX do some questionable things in his lifetime. YES. Was the BET Awards cypher the proper space to bring those things to the light. NO. 

At the end of the day, Vic isn’t a bad guy and neither is he perfect. To show that he isn’t perfect, he released the song “Empathy” today as a response to all the controversy that went down this week. As always I have a few questions for my readers…Do you believe Vic Mensa regrets his XXX diss? Should XXXTentacion be immune to criticism of his actions because he is no longer with us?

Take a listen to Vic Mensa’s new track below, find me on Instagram and let me know your thoughts.



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