Tutorials || How to Save YouTube Videos to Your Phone

Happy Sunday!

Hacks like the one I’m going to show you today are ESSENTIAL for digital marketers, content creators and social media managers. If you are embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, you definitely need to be a jack of all trades and learning how to create high quality content on the go should be at the top of your list.

Over on my YouTube Channel, I provide tips and hacks that help you make an impact and become a better entrepreneur (You should TOTALLY SUBSCRIBE to my channel since you’re there!). You’re probably wondering, how in the world does knowing how to download YouTube videos help me?

Well for one thing, it makes creating content MUCH easier. I truly believe in working smarter NOT harder. If you’re like me, you create the majority of you content on your phone. I’m a YouTuber + full-time entrepreneur and I don’t have the luxury of having a dedicated office space to work from so being able to work on the go is imperative for my productivity. I mainly use this hack to:

  • Download green screen videos that I use to create my video intros
  • Save copyright-free music for my videos
  • Save clips to create social media content

and just to flat out save music videos and things that I enjoy. Now that I’ve broken it down for a you a little bit, watch the tutorial below!

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