Truth Hurts || Lizzo IS doing TOO MUCH

Is Lizzo doing too much right now? She most certainly IS

If you’ve been under a rock, Lizzo has been catching  some serious flack for baring her hind parts at a NBA game recently. The grammy-nominated artist showed up to a public space wearing a THONG and took the opportunity to shake her ass the moment the camera panned to her for the jumbotron. Now Obama’s internet is up in arms and claiming that people are “fat-shaming” the popular songstress…


First of all, ain’t nobody fat shaming Lizzo. The only ones shaming her at the people that automatically think people have a problem with her bare ass in public because she is fat. I personally think that Lizzo is doing reality star antics for attention when she is a beautiful black woman with ACTUAL TALENT that doesn’t need to do all that extra stuff. She is SO much better than to be that girl that’s constantly naked on the internet. In her response to her critics, Lizzo says that she has always been this way…well my response to that is that though she may have always acted this way, she hasn’t ALWAYS been a grammy-nominated singer who has the WORLD watching her. With fame comes responsibility whether you like or not. I respect her not wanting to change who she is and really applaud her for it, but lets be real…there’s just some things you can’t do anymore because you’re only going to bring the wrong kind of attention to yourself…i.e “Postmates Gate”.

Lizzo, if you ever read this little ol blog of mine…just know that I love you girl! I love how you are so unapologetic about being your true authentic self in industry that works so hard to change you. I wish you nothing but success and i’m truly rooting for you but sis…can you please COVER YOUR ASS! Truth Hurts huh…?

With love and honesty,

Keena Renee

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