Top 3 Cities You MUST Visit Before The Age Of 30

Hello yall! I realized that I have a “travel” category on this blog and have yet to contribute to it (shame on me).

As a proud military brat (Air Force to be exact), travel is something I was blessed to have done extensively growing up. As I got older, I noticed that it was impossible for me to sit still in one place. I just had to see the world, visit new places and experience new things. I am a firm believer that WE need the opportunity to get off our blocks and see the world before we hit the age of 30. Traveling expands your outlook and allows you the ability to adapt, something that has helped me become the well-rounded person I am today. With that said, here are 3 cities that I believe everyone must visit before they hit the big 3-0. These cities have remained close to my heart for several reasons but mainly because I have taken away a unique experience from my time spent in

New Orleans, Louisiana

I always tell people that being in Louisiana is like going to another country inside the U.S…it’s just THAT dope. With it’s rich cultural heritage and AWESOME food, its absolutely impossible to NOT have a good time. As a Louisiana native, people automatically assume that I am from New Orleans (because that’s the only city in Louisiana that people outside of the boot recognize lol). Be clear, my birthplace, Shreveport. Louisiana, is absolutely nothing like New Orleans…that’s because there is NO PLACE LIKE NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA!

When to visit: As a 20-something it should be required for you to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. A New Orleans excursion is a perfect 21st birthday trip to take with your friends. In between all the drinking, be sure to squeeze in some time to visit the many cultural institutions that the city has to offer.

London, England

I spent A LOT of time in London when I was a kid. It was one of my favorite places to go and it was less than 2 hours away from my home. Back then, I wasn’t too impressed with the historical sites (though there is PLENTY of them in London), I was more concerned with the games, food and FUN there was to have. Like New Orleans there’s plenty of bars (pubs) there if you wish to drink your trip away. I was literally preteen in my England days, so I didn’t get to experience the London nightlife BUT there is so many other things to do in London that the nightlife isn’t even the highlight or the best of what the city has to offer.

When to visit: The weather can get kind of crazy so the summer/fall months are best. They say London is like the NYC of Europe which I don’t know if I all the way agree with that statement. I absolutely loved the markets! Me & my mother frequented the Camden Market damn near every weekend. Indoor theme parks are a thing there to and there are several go out and enjoy!

Los Angeles, California

I absolutely love LA and it has absolutely nothing to do with the entertainment industry. I mean…LOOK at those mountains! L.A was where I had the best Mexican food I have ever had in my entire life (that’s until I finally go to Mexico of course lol) and outside of the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, I find LA to be a place of serenity. LA is the place I go to when I need to get out of the city and relax a bit. The weather is pure perfection 99.9999999% of the time, the beaches, the palm trees…i’m mentally planning my next trip as I type. Outside of business and networking purposes, the “celebrity” of LA really is a non-factor for me BUT if you want to indulge in a stroll down Rodeo drive or take one of those TMZ tours…go for it.

When to visit: ANY FREAKIN’ TIME, seriously…Flights to LA from any major city are generally pretty cheap so there’s really no excuse. If you are a creative and have aspirations to be in Hollywood, then LA should REALLY be on your list of cities to visit. Get there before you turn 30 tho or you will be looked at as the “old head”. Sad but true…

Talk to me, have you been to either of these cities? What was your experience like? Comment below and be sure to tweet me your thoughts! 


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