To the Clueless Connie’s and Charlie’s at H&M, a Simple Google Search Could Have Saved You

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How many of these episodes must we go through for corporations to get through their brains that having diversity among your corporate marketing staff is NECESSARY? How out of touch do you have to be to not know that putting a black child in a hoodie that says “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” is going to cause some sort of backlash? Google is free 99 and nobody…NOT A SINGLE SOUL at H&M didn’t think to use it to search “black people” and “monkey” and see what comes up. Let me give you a moment to do that right now…

To my white brothers and sisters and those that insist that black folks are “over reacting” to the ad

The issue of diversity isn’t just a cool talking point to casually bring up during your dinner discussion to prove how “woke” and in touch with black people you are, it’s a very real problem and we are constantly reminded of it every time episodes like this take place.  

This is why we root for the black people at predominately white award shows regardless if we know their work or not, without a single fuck given (Shout out to Issa Rae!).

Too many times brands and big businesses use black people and black culture to sell their products only to turn and blatantly disrespect us under the guise of ignorance.

To be ignorant in this day and age of technology is to be complicit. 

As someone who works in marketing for a Fortune 500 corporation and who has clients from varying ethnicities and backgrounds, I make it my duty to research the traditions, ideologies and history of those I may not be familiar with when creating marketing images catered to that particular group. That is my job. So with that being said, H&M deserves every bit of this dragging they are currently receiving. Doesn’t it suck to know that simple google search could have saved you from offending an entire race and possibly cost your company millions of dollars?

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