Tips for Coping when you have a Chronic Health Condition

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If you have just been diagnosed with a chronic health condition, then you will know how difficult this can be. You may feel as though things are never going to be the same again and that your life has changed forever. This is completely normal, and it is important to understand that you are not alone in this.

Understand your Condition

When you are living with a long term health condition, you have to learn everything you need to know about your symptoms. You also need to understand your treatment options as well. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor questions about your condition, and also don’t be afraid to go to your local library as well. It is a good idea to do your own research so you can increase the amount of resources that are available to you.  Observing your body can also help you to understand your symptoms. You can keep a diary or even use a notebook calendar so that you can share your symptoms with your healthcare professional.


Following your treatment plan is crucial if you want to help yourself. It will also help you to gain a sense of control as well. If you have to go to a lot of appointments, then it is understandable that you will forget some of them and this can set you back in terms of process. If you want to avoid this then keep a daily planner or even download an application on your smartphone. When you do this, you can then make the best decisions regarding your personal health and you can also boost your mood as well.  

Manage your Emotions

When you are diagnosed with a chronic illness, you may go through a huge range of emotions. This can include grief, rage, depression, anxiety and even fear.  Experiment with multiple ways of managing your stress. This can include listening to music, deep breathing, exercising and writing in a journal. Sometimes it may help to look into alternative treatment options so that you can get another dimension of support. Look into Denny Waxman if you are interested in that.

Be Adaptable

Your attitude and even your approach can make a huge difference to the quality of life you have. You need to develop a healthy lifestyle and you also need to cater for your condition. It also helps to stay confident in your ability to live with the constraints that you have. For example, you might need to develop new skills or even new habits that will help you to figure out the best way for you. The sooner you do this, the better.


Sure, living with a chronic illness can be stressful to say the least. The more steps you take to manage your condition, the higher quality of life you will have. You also need to make time for your relationships too, so that you can build a good support network. If you have negative people in your life, then now is the time for you to cut them out. This won’t be easy, but you will be happier for it.

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