There’s A Netflix-like Streaming Channel that Streams Nothing But African Films That You Need To Know About

It’s called AfroLandTV. I love hearing about new outlets that allows African creatives to tell our stories. I wanted to give AfroLandTV an opportunity to use my platform to tell you more about the service…in their OWN words,

The Africa They Don’t Show You, Now Has A Voice

It seems like media nowadays portrayal and perception of Africa is that of being destitute and poverty stricken. Nothing shown on mainstream TV, that has relevancy to Africa is positive or of praise. It’s either starving children, subservient characters, half-dressed individuals populating the city squares, wars and drugs. But if you ask a native African, that is far from the truth, media only feeds that negative perception. A company called AfroLandTV plans on changing the perception of Africa through cinema. AfroLandTV is a startup online streaming TV channel that shows African films, shows, and documentaries for free, similar to Netflix in it’s very early stages.

They created a platform for the African Diaspora audience to enjoy relatable quality films and shows. AfroLandTV collects films from all around the globe that has relevancy to Africa. The content on the website ranges from original African stories produced in the US, UK, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Namibia, Zimbabwe, just to name a few. The platform is meant to unify African stories. The Founder of AfroLandTV, actor Michael S Maponga (IMDB), launched the website in September of 2015. He explains that startup was initially bootstrap funded, meaning no investors were involved and all funds came straight out of the pocket, friends and family. Within its first year, the company has had over 15,000 users visit and watch their content.

AfroLandTV currently has over 200 titles available to watch right now. The content is simply remarkable, films on there are not the cheap grab your phone and record but award winning titles that circulate at international film festivals and theaters before being added to AfroLandTV. From films like the acclaimed ‘Umkhungo – The Gift’ about a young African boy with uncontrollable supernatural powers, to the hilarious down to earth web series ‘This is It’ set in present day Lagos Nigeria, about the trials of a newly wed couple. AfroLandTV’s library is growing at a rapid rate adding at least 5 – 10 titles each month. The platform offers majority of their content for free to viewers and a premium category where users can rent content, essentially like an online Redbox for African films.

The company aims to become the biggest platform for quality African content. Currently, AfroLandTV is only available via the website but mobile apps, Roku and Apple TV apps are coming soon. They believe that by showing African stories, that will inspire, educate and raise the sense of heritage and culture around the world.

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