The Road To Independence And The Mistakes Every New Driver Makes

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It’s a lifeline when you are starting out at the beginning of your adult life. If you just passed your driving test, and you’ve got your first car, that sense of freedom is overwhelming. But beware, at this point, you are more likely to get involved in an accident. And while you, no doubt, have a sensible head on your shoulders, when you are relying on your car to get you everywhere, the first year is when you can make some of the biggest mistakes as a new driver, and what are these?


If you’ve got a little runaround, and you are a little bit late for work, you might think that speeding is absolutely fine, just as long as you’re not caught by the speed cameras. Wrong! Speed limits are there for a reason, but when everyone else around us is late for work too, and they are driving like absolute maniacs, we can feel that we should do the same too.

It’s a big shock to the system when we first go out on the road ourselves, because we see first-hand how dangerous other people are on the road, and this is why the first year after you’ve passed your test is the most important one, because the habits you learn now will be the ones you will keep for life.

Distracted Driving

Your phone keeps buzzing, and the temptation would be to check it. Don’t! Distracted driving is one of the biggest causes of accidents now, and while there are hands-free devices when it comes to making phone calls, if you can help it, don’t use your phone at all.

Instead, put it on airplane mode, because you need your attention to be directly in front of you and in the mirrors. It’s not just your smartphone that can distract you when you’ve just started driving, it’s all new, and you need a 110% focus. This means avoiding driving all of your friends everywhere, at least at the very beginning until you get confident.

Thinking That “One More Won’t Hurt”

You may drive into town to meet a friend, without the intention of having a drink at all, and you end up having one. Your friend then talks you into having another one, and you get pulled over by the police. Unfortunately, this is very common, but if you find yourself easily swayed in this respect, it’s far better for you to avoid having a DUI on your record, and while getting a settlement can be done easily, you still don’t want this hanging over your head! You may feel fine after drink number two, but the breath test says otherwise!

When we’re young, and we’ve got the world at our fingertips, a car is one of the best tools. And it certainly helps when facing the little battles in life, but, it’s important to know that a car isn’t just a simple way to get around; it’s something that can cause a lot of damage. Nowadays, we seem to have so many distractions in the car that we seldom focus on the road! It’s important to know the impact of what you have the keys to. This is why the first year after you pass your test is the most important.

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