The (Not So) Subtle Art Of Dropping Hints For Christmas Presents

Christmas is just around the corner folks, and for many of us now is the time to start sowing the seeds to ensure that we’re not disappointed by what lies under the tree.

When it comes to our significant others, we may love them, we may respect them, we may adore them… But this doesn’t mean that we can’t acknowledge that they can make some boneheaded decisions when it comes to present buying. Many of our loved ones (particularly, but not exclusively men) can fall into a number of gift buying mistakes.

Poor planning is among the most common, leading to desperate panic purchases that bear little or no relation to what they may actually want. In some cases they may even buy something that may ostensibly be for us… But is really for them.

Anyone else thinking of the time Homer Simpson got Marge a bowling ball with his name on it for her birthday? Yeah, we’ve all gotten a gift a little like that.

So, when it comes to ensuring that we get the Christmas gifts we want, need and deserve from our significant others, we must all master the subtle art of dropping hints.

The subtle art of… Ah, it’s really not that subtle

Well, I say subtle art but when it comes to getting through to our loved ones, there’s rarely much room for subtlety. Besides, subtlety is overrated. If your previous attempts at subtlety have only led to disappointment, perhaps it’s time to get a little more brazen. With plenty of time to go still until the yuletide celebrations begin in earnest there’s still plenty of time to start sowing the seeds of inspiration…

See something you like? Get them to take a picture

How many times have you been walking hand in hand down the high street with your boo and seen something to die for in a store window. How many times have you intimated that maybe you’d like to see it sit under the Christmas tree this year, only to be disappointed? Maybe they forgot, or maybe they underestimated how serious you were. So, the next time you’re in this situation, instead of simply remarking upon it, get them to take a picture. The next time they look through their picture feed they’ll be reminded and inspired.

Get a friend or family member to send them links

Do you have a really specific idea of what you want but balk at the idea of coming out and asking your SO for it? No probs. If you’ve seen the perfect necklace on but haven’t the heart to ask your loved one for it, there’s a nice way to work around this. Send the link to a friend or family member and ask them to send it to your SO. Maybe get them to spin a little yarn about how you mentioned to them that you love it. There’s a good chance that this will stick in their mind.

Surprises are overrated honey! If you know exactly what you want for Christmas, it’s time to wave goodbye to subtlety. Here’s to a very happy holiday season!

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