The Boost We All Need! Getting More Energy For Your Day

We could all do with a little bit more energy during the course of our day, and while we tend to just muddle through, perhaps it’s all about effective lifestyle choices and a couple of little changes. But sometimes, these changes require so much effort that we can’t implement them properly, and so we rely on the little fixes to get us through the day. But are there any little fixes, as well as big fixes, to ensure that we do make the most of our energy reserves?

Use Caffeine Wisely

Most of us feel that if we’re in need of an energy boost, that we reach for an extra cup of Joe, but while caffeine helps to increase alertness, you’ve got to use it carefully. You’ve got to figure out your caffeine limits, but also know when to stop consuming it. If you are someone who is sensitive to caffeine, the right coffee could change it up; there are a few coffee blogs out there, like The Darkest Roast, that can put you in the direction of a coffee that is light in flavor. Some people can’t bear consuming a lot of caffeine, if any at all, because it makes them feel jittery. But this is all about consuming the right type of caffeine source. Caffeine is an excellent way to get an energy boost, just as long as you choose the right method.

Circulating Oxygen

This may seem like a very posh term, but in fact, it’s just about finding ways to get more air into your body. Exercise can work wonders, but now, many people are taking inspiration from alternative health practitioners like Wim Hof and breathing for energy. The fact of the matter is that when oxygen floods our blood cells, it can make us feel more energized. As our cells get more energy to burn and circulate oxygen, we start to feel a lot better. If you’re someone that doesn’t exercise much, it’s important to start off slowly and acclimatize yourself. Exercise can seem like an energy drain at the very beginning, but this, in conjunction with a healthy diet, means that you will have more energy to burn.

Do You Do Too Much?

It’s highly possible that the reason for your fatigue is that you are doing too much for your capabilities. Nobody likes to admit that they are doing too much, because this means admitting they are weak. But if you have an endless list of things to do, not just in terms of work, but in regards to social obligations, you’ve got to set your priorities. Because there are too many things to do, this begins to lurk at the back of our minds. If your last thought at night before you go to sleep is the things you have to do, either start to make a list or a brain dump or think about lightening your load getting the opportunity to have more down time. This could make all the difference. Because if we continue to place these little pressures upon ourselves, we have to remember that they add up to an almighty one, so maybe we need to get some perspective on our lives and realize we don’t need to do everything all of the time. 

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