The Basics of Oral Hygiene

Some of the more popular health topics that we in society regularly talk about are almost always on the surface. It could be about how to get fitter, learner and stronger. Working out and exercising is the go-to for most health related issues because just being more active solves so many problems.

You don’t just get stronger and improve your stamina but your skin becomes more clear and attractive. But not every part of our health can be cured by jogging and lifting weights. Oral hygiene is especially concerning to many but they think the solutions are locked behind a golden gate. Actually far from it because keeping your tongue, mouth, teeth and gums in good working order is pretty simple. The only thing you need extra is consistency.

Why two times a day?

Many people just brush their teeth once a day. That isn’t enough. Yet, it can feel like it is because just once a day keeps the ghouls and goblins that want to attack your teeth away. But doing the minimum isn’t going to keep your teeth strong. So brushing twice a day is a good idea, but why? When we eat, small bits of food stay lodged in between our teeth. This can lead to small molecules of acid and rotting food forming. This can eventually burrow a hole in our teeth or inflame our gums upon which can start to bleed. Two times a day, protects your teeth in roundabout cycles, when one layer of protection fades another takes it’s place.

Floss to help your gums

Teeth are stronger than flesh, it’s goes without saying. So what do you think is going to feel the effects of plaque build up first, your gums or your enamel? Gums are soft tissue, which makes them susceptible to damage from germs and bacteria. Speaking to a professional dentistry like Gulfside Periodontics, they can educate you on why flossing is so helpful to your gums. Even though you’re dislodging food from in between your teeth, the gums benefit the most. Your teeth are cleaned in the process but your gums don’t have to fight off a new wave of bacteria that seeks to make a home on the soft tissue layers.

Teeth whitening is not cleansing

Contrary to popular belief, the whiter your teeth are does not equate to being more healthy. In fact, teeth whitening kits will say to customers that they are not to be used as an oral hygiene product. Teeth whitening is purely cosmetic and does not act to strengthen and protect your teeth. Therefore, focus on what will such as mouthwashes with an alkaline and acid blend. Toothpastes that fight plaque and bacteria should be selected over whitening products. Cleansing your teeth can be done in various ways such brushing with lemon juice. lemon juice helps to finely grind down bits of food and plaque that has hardened over time.

Oral hygiene is something we should all take more seriously. After all you only have one set of teeth after your wisdom teeth are gone. It’s not difficult to maintain a good healthy smile, but it does require consistency.

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