Stop Frontin’, You’re Broke!

*Warning* A SERIOUS vent session is about to take place…

Being an entrepreneur is FRUSTRATING y’all…LIKE

I don’t understand the logic of people seeking you out, wanting your services, only to disappear when the topic of compensation comes up. I’ve come to the conclusion that people are just BROKE! Probably broker than you and that’s why they expect you to WORK for them for FREE…

If I were Walgreen’s, you would not walk into my place of business, get whatever items you wish to purchase & disappear once the cashier gives you the price. NO! You accept that that’s WTF those items cost and you purchase them RIGHT.THEN.AND.THERE! You don’t inquire about how much it would cost and then come back weeks, MONTHS later…nope…you drop that coin on the spot because you came to the store prepared to do so.

When you approach a person who considers themselves an entrepreneur and you inquire about their services…COME CORRECT & COME PREPARED! It’s SO disrespectful to say that you want to utilize someone’s services and go ghost the next damn day as if you weren’t JUST saying how much you needed what it was that they offered. That’s MONEY that is expected to come in and no matter how large or small the amount, its money that is NEEDED.

I’m a proud freelancer that offers writing, social media, celebrity personal assistance and digital marketing services.

If a person comes to me and says “Hey! I need a bio done, what do I need to give you to get started?” That gives me the impression that this person has the time and budget to get this project started. Once I advise of my needs and what my rate is, I follow up the details via email. Once I send that email, its usually expected that a deposit will be made within 24 hours. If you can’t make the deposit right away, that’s perfectly fine, AT LEAST communicate that and let the person know! It’s all about being considerate of people’s time and their business folks…

This scenario has happened to me far too many times and it’s got me re-examining my current systems and processes that I have in place. I’m a part-time entrepreneur so I do have a steady pay check coming in, but in order to grow my business and reach my goal of eventually transitioning our of my 9-5, I need to work on building a steady stream of revenue. I can’t work on building this stream if people continue to have that mindset that entrepreneurs and freelancers are okay with not being paid in a timely, consistent manner.

So many of my peers are in the same boat as me so I know i’m not alone. Being a creative entrepreneur is hard work! It takes a certain kind of person and a disciplined work ethic to stay afloat and ahead of the game. All I ask is that if you are looking to hire the talents of a entrepreneur or freelancer, actually have the intention of HIRING & not INQUIRING!

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