I Still Haven’t Been Able To Get My Hands On Some Fenty and I’m In My Feelings About It

Last year, music’s resident Bad Gal Rihanna made her mark in the beauty industry with the debut of her cosmetic line, Fenty Beauty. The line boasts it 40-shade foundation line that provides more options for women of color of all skin tones. With so many foundation shades, why the hell have I not been able to get my hands on it yet, Ri Ri?!?

This blog post is simply based on the frustration of going to Sephora this weekend (after multiple visits) and not seeing any Fenty foundation that would be even close to my skin tone in stock. I have been trying since its release to get color matched and get the Fenty foundation in my shade. Ya’ll KNOW there is demand for this but yet the darker shades are FOREVER sold out. WHY?!?!?!??!?!?!?

Am I the only person that’s experiencing this? Tell me something because I am nearing a conniption. Is there a mailing list or something I have to sign up for to be notified when it’s in stock? I’m not a beauty blogger nor cool enough to get this sent to me for free so this is a cry for help!


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  1. 1. Ask the Sephora makeup Mgr when their Fenty stock comes in and to let you know. 2. I went online 1st, found a range of 3 shades I thought might work for me. Then I looked for stores that had those shades in stock, there’s only two stores in Albuquerque so I went to the one that had them in stock. If you go online 1st you could call a store that had your range & ask them to hold them for you.

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