Start Saying Yes to These 8 Things

Life is full of rules. As a kid, you grow up thinking that adulthood meant you were free to do what you want, whenever you want, and no one can tell you otherwise. Here’s the thing: this is a lie. I mean, sure, you can head to the bakery and buy yourself a gooey chocolate cake at any time of day and eat it, because no one is going to tell you that you can’t.

However, you got to adulthood excited about doing things for yourself, until you realized that you also have to pay for those things, and that you answer to your boss, your landlord, your bank and the tax man – and these people? They are far scarier to argue with than your Mom.

The good news though, is that you are an adult. This means that you can choose to play by some of the rules, but not all of them. You can agree to pay your rent on time with your landlord, because yes please, you get somewhere to live. You don’t have to agree to working a job that hems you in for 14 hours a day.

You may need money, but you are the person in control of how you earn that money. You get just shy of 87,000 seconds per day, every day. This sounds like a lot, but when you break it down, you have to spend those seconds doing things that make you happy, which means that when someone asks you to browse Rockwood RVs, buy an RV and head out on the most epic adventure, you need to say YES. Even if your mind races with all the responsibilities that you have, you say YES. Why? Because you’re an adult – and you need to start saying yes.

We all have responsibilities. There will always be bills to pay and people to see and a job to do. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to work behind a desk and commute to an office in a high powered job where you’re told what to wear. You could choose to work on the open road and see magic in the nature and life in the history. You could plug in to a VPN at a coffee shop in the back-end of nowhere, watching the birds swooping outside while you enjoy a latte.

You have that choice – it’s just that no one tells you that you have that choice. You’re not expected to spontaneously quit the corporate world and get on the road. No one expects that you say no to buying a house, preferring instead to have your own space in a luxury RV that gives you freedom of movement. These rules that you live by? They are created by everyone else!


Do you think Lady GaGa gave a hoot what people thought about her when she wore her famous bacon dress? Absolutely not. What she did was shocking to people, because these are the people that wouldn’t have the nerve to break the mold and do something like that. You may have even been shocked by it – but why?

Because she wore meat, or because she chose not to wear something that’s “on point”? Either way, Lady GaGa, like so many others, live for themselves and please themselves. It doesn’t make anyone selfish to start saying yes to another way of living. It makes them alive. So, with all of this in mind, what should you start saying yes to, today?


Taking a break.


You’ve spent years on the same commute, with the same office and the same people. You work overtime when you can get it, you never turn down a shift. It’s time to take a break. Stop saying yes to things that make you feel dull and lifeless, and move on with saying yes to a break. Say yes to your own time for a change. It’s life changing.

Risking it.



What is life, without a little risk? Some would say perfect. Others would say safe. The majority would say boring. Do you think you’ll love life in an RV on the road? Heck no – you could hate it! But you won’t know unless you try, right?

Being imperfect.



The only expectations that you have for yourself come from the ideals of other people. You were probably raised to aim high and be the best and have a hot shot career. But are those your dreams, or are they the dreams of others? The moment that you stop chasing the dreams of someone else and you start chasing your own, you’re imperfect in the eyes of society. And so what?




When you were a kid and you fell down, you grazed your knee. For a moment, you cried and sniffed, then you wiped off the blood, slapped on a Band-Aid and kept right on going. You didn’t fail, you fell down. But you got up. It’s time to say yes to falling down once in a while, because the world shifts a tiny bit when you get back up, and it’s in those minuscule shifts that you find your next move.

Feeling openly.



You do not have to take a deep breath and control your emotions. Let them out. Say yes to screaming with rage and loving with passion and laughing with tears. Say yes to all of it. You have the whole spectrum of human emotion. See the sunset on your road trip and marvel, cry because it’s beautiful. You won’t look back

Asking for help.



Say yes when you are offered help. Do you have a friend who wants to road trip with you? Say yes.

Treating yourself.



Sometimes, being selfish means putting yourself first. Except, that’s not being selfish, that’s self-care, and it feels amazing. Treat yourself without guilt or hardship, and love yourself for choosing you.

Being free.



You’re on the road, you’re working for yourself, you’re seeing the world. Say yes to this. Say yes to freedom.


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