Social Media Analytics…What Does It All Mean and How Can I Master It?

As a content creator, it’s important that you know and understand how to read social media’s monitoring metrics. Why is it important? Because you need to know if the methods in which you are communicating with your audience are effective. It also helps you learn more about your audience AND put you in a position to create better content. Social media is big part of marketing these days and many successful and SMART creators leverage their social following in their business deals.

So what are some types of social media metrics? There are many but let’s talk about a few of the important ones…


This is a biggie for those that have a specific goal you are trying to reach. Whether it’s getting someone to purchase an item or sign up for your mailing list, conversion tracks those users who decided to take that action from your profile.


This metric lets you know just how far the content that you create is going and gives you an idea on just how big your audience is. If you have 500k followers yet your reach is only about 3k…that’s not good. That means that you are only communicating with a very small percentage of your followers.


Making content that people actively engage with should always be a goal is it helps you in all the other areas of monitoring metrics. Engagement is the number of retweets, likes, shares, comments etc. that you get on your post. More people sharing content, means more people will see it (reach) which means you have more opportunity to convert those users to consumers! (conversion)

Growth Rate

Your growth rate lets you know how your audience is growing week by week (or month or year). This will give you an idea if the tactics that you are using to grow your audience is actually WORKING. As your audience grows…the other metrics that I mentioned above will grow as well.

Okay Keena, I get it…now how can I become a master in social analytics and apply it to my brand?

Glad you asked! Here are a few tips to help you out…

Know why you are measuring your social media.

Have a clear purpose in mind. That means you need to have a strategy. Need help creating a social media strategy? You can download my free social media strategy checklist here.

Choose what works best for you…you don’t have to measure every single thing!

Find out what matters most to you and what will help you achieve your social media goals.

Stay consistent

Keep in mind that consistency is always key in the game of social media and some things may work for some people, may not work for you.

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