Smile B*!?h!: Tips on Keeping Your Pearly Whites Clean


When it comes to looking after our teeth, nothing matters more than brushing. We all know that we should brush twice a day for two minutes. While some of us can be a little slow on the uptake, we usually get our heads around this by the time we reach our adult years. If we want to keep a full set of natural teeth, there’s just no avoiding those brushing sessions.

Which is why it can come as a such a blow when your teeth still aren’t as white and glowing as you know they should be. No matter how much you brush, you still spot signs of discoloration. Those four minutes each day don’t seem to make any difference in stopping those bleeding gums. Each time you do visit your dentist, they listen to your dental routine like they don’t believe a word. After years of this, you’re starting to wonder why you bother brushing so avidly in the first place.

This is a situation many of us find ourselves in, and we may have a solution. As beneficial as brushing can be, it won’t do a thing to save your gnashers if you don’t also take care of the following.

Take care over what you eat

Your diet impacts your health in various ways, and your teeth are no exception. What you eat has an immense standing on the state of your teeth. No matter how you brush, an all-sugar diet is never going to serve you. That means you should cut out sweets once and for all. Remember, too, that fast food may be getting healthier, but it still contains a whole load of hidden sugars. As a general rule, aim to eat natural and home-cooked foods. These definitely won’t have any hidden nasties inside waiting to destroy your dentistry.

Get checked every six months

Brushing is no substitute for proper dental care. Sometimes, issues such as gum pockets can arise and cause decay no matter how hard you scrub. In fact, over-Brushing can cause problems like these. As such, no amount of brushing makes up for visiting your dentist every six months without fail. With plenty of dental payment plans in place to help you cover those costs, there isn’t even any excuse not to get around to this. If you’re overdue on your latest checkup, then, it’s past time you addressed the issue.

Don’t forget to floss

Don’t forget, either, that brushing isn’t the only thing you need to take care of within your dental routine. Even the most advanced toothbrush heads out there can’t reach right into the gaps between your teeth. And, if food gets stuck here, even your otherwise healthy teeth will start to suffer. Our last tip, then, is to make sure you floss at least once a day. This is a quick process which ensures your nightly routine gets rid of every last remnant of food. Only then can you rest easy that your teeth will stay safe while you get a good night’s sleep.

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