Six Smart Reasons To Road Trip This Summer

Do you remember the last time you slept under a blanket of stars and saw one shoot across the sky? Do you remember the last time you made hotdogs and s’mores over a fire? How about the last time you drove to the most secluded place that you could find just to admire the trees and the foliage? All of these things – for most people – are few and far between.

If there is one way to spend time as a family this summer, it’s getting on the road. Gathering the kids together and making a list of all the places that you want to visit, with one popular place as a final destination, is a fab way to spend your vacation. A road trip can be a cost effective time, with so many different routes to take that can suit everyone. Road tripping is for families as well as groups of friends, and you get to use your vacation trip as the best excuse to check out the new Cougar RV’s for sale so that you can travel in style. There are so many good reasons that you should choose a road trip instead of the luxury beach vacation that’s usually on the top of your wish list for the summer, and here are six of the best:

  1. Escape. When you’re in a bustling city for most of the day, working hard at a desk, getting into nature is a total escape. You can still bring along your tech, but you get to use it on the road, taking awesome photos everywhere you go.
  2. Choices. When you live on the road for a few weeks, you get the chance to have a little freedom. You’re not bound by a resort, and you get to park up your RV whenever you want to!
  3. Nature. The appreciation that you can have for nature is something you may not have considered that you would have before now. There is a huge beauty in the great outdoors, and you can’t realise that until you get out there and start enjoying the scents, the sights and the sounds. Road trips give you a chance to see different cities and people from different walks of life.
  4. Live Concerts Featuring YOU! Let’s face it, when you pile into the van for a trip, the music goes on and everyone sings along. It’s a great bonding activity as well as being a cool way to pass the time as you travel between destinations.
  5. Car Games. When you’re on your road trip, you get to chat and play word games with everyone in the car. It allows you to switch off the tablets and put away the music for a while and just be together. Like we said; bonding!
  6. Cost. If there is one good thing about a road trip, it’s the cost. It’s not all that expensive to bring your own food and equipment when you are travelling around in a luxury RV instead of booking a hotel!

There are so many more reasons road tripping should be something that you do at least once. Go and try it for yourself this year.

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