Six Smart Reasons To Go Camping This Summer

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Do you remember the last time you slept under a blanket of stars and saw one shoot across the sky? Do you remember the last time you made hotdogs and s’mores over a fire? How about the last time you drove to the most secluded place that you could find just to admire the trees and the foliage? All of these things – for most people – are few and far between.

Camping is one of the vacations that is on the bottom of the list for most people. It’s outside, it’s where the bugs are, it requires you to build a tent and sleep on a camping bed or sleeping bag in the dirt. You risk rain and muck and depending on where you go, bears. However, all the downsides that turn you off the idea shouldn’t outweigh the good things about camping. You can check out the Cougar RV’s for sale on the market so that your camping trip can be more inside bathroom than digging a latrine outside. There are so many good reasons that you should choose camping instead of the luxury beach vacation that’s usually on the top of your wish list for the summer, and here are six of the best:

  1. Escape. When you’re in a bustling city for most of the day, working hard at a desk, getting into nature is a total escape. No internet, no digital equipment to distract you. It’s a chance to unplug and leave your busy life behind for a couple of days.
  2. Nature. The appreciation that you can have for nature is something you may not have considered that you would have before now. There is a huge beauty in the great outdoors, and you can’t realise that until you get out there and start enjoying the scents, the sights and the sounds.
  3. Time. Unplugging from technology is a good start when it comes to giving your family and friends your time. You get quality time for conversation and games that don’t involve being hooked up to the internet.
  4. Cooking. Convenience foods and easy options on the same routine that you’ve been doing for weeks is easy to stick to, sure, but there is something delicious about cooking outside. Barbecuing meats over an open fire and baking potatoes in foil for a tasty dinner make a change, right?
  5. Education. When you live outdoors for a weekend, you get the chance to teach each other about how to camp, from pitching a tent to cooking over a fire – even making the fire in the first place. There is a lot to learn about being outdoors and you get the chance to learn it when you camp.
  6. Cost. If there is one good thing about camping, it’s the cost. It’s not all that expensive to bring your own food and equipment and pitch a tent for a weekend.

There are so many more reasons camping should be something that you do at least once. Go and try it for yourself this year.


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