Signs That You’re Introverted AF!

Growing up I was always the shy kid that was a bit of loner. I grew up an only child so to me being by myself was normal and I didn’t really think anything of it. When I got older and learned the definition of what being an “introvert” meant, I immediately thought to myself  “That’s me, ALL DAY!“. That’s when it hit me that I wasn’t necessarily SHY just more so that I much rather prefer to be alone, in my thoughts, by myself. Sounds depressing right? Oh no it doesn’t? Then you my friend may be an introvert just like me. Here are a few signs that you’re introverted AF!

You don’t do crowds

Listen to me…SHE does NOT do crowds. AT ALL. If I’m headed to an event that I KNOW is going to be a crowd, I literally have to mentally prepare myself so that I’m not cranky and ready to go after being there for 5 minutes. I will go find a corner where I can sit down and be in my happy place. People usually always ask me (DON’T ask me this btw lol) “What’s wrong? why are you over here by yourself?” and my response is always “I’m good! I just don’t feel like being around that crowd of people over there.” Does this sound familiar?

You don’t like people

Okay this one sounds rude but if you’re an introvert then you feel what I’m saying. People are absolutely draining and making new friends feels like a chore. It’s not to say that I’m not friendly person or that I don’t make new friends easily…just like Lauryn Hill, the problem I have is aligning my energy with those around me. For me, being around people drains my energy. Small talk, something that I absolutely despise, drains my energy. Some don’t like washing dishes, others maybe dislike doing laundry, introverts however…dislike people.

You screen your calls

Do you screen your calls and text like the FBI? One of my best friends is an introvert and we never answer each others phone call unless we plan the call ahead of time. (that’s what introverted buddies do! lol) This one goes back to what I was saying earlier about energy. I guard my energy like I guard my edges. Gotta keep it intact at all times. Therefore I more than likely will send you to a voicemail that I never check and shoot you a text instead.

Sitting at home doing nothing sounds like a FABOLOUS idea

I am totally okay with being at home on a Saturday night, in fact…I prefer it that way. Doing nothing for me is my way of re-energizing after a long week of being around people.

You plan ahead

One thing I try my best to do to plan ahead for things so that I prevent any unexpected hiccups. Of course things don’t always go as planned but I at least like to know what to expect. Even with my phone calls with my BFF.

You’re loyal AF

If you don’t have an introverted friend in your life then I suggest you get one! We’re some of the most loyal and honest people around.

You have a way with words

Since introverts stay in their heads and don’t like to be around people to often, most of us are awesome writers. Writing is how we connect with others and it’s how we express ourselves. For myself, this is the absolute truth!

If you relate to any these signs then you’re introverted AF. You probably already KNEW you were an introvert so you know these are just a few of the many signs that we introverts exhibit on a daily basis. I embrace my introverted-ness (I know that’s not a word but I’m going to run with it lol) because I know there are millions of other people that are just like me. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter, where the 140 character limit is an introverts paradise!


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