Signs that You Are Nutrient/Vitamin Deficient (And What to Do About It)

If you have a vitamin deficiency or if you know that you are just not as healthy as you want to be then you are not alone. So many people go through this every single day, but it is important to know that you definitely have a deficiency before you begin your lifestyle.

After all, making changes for no reason won’t benefit you at all and if you are not careful then you may even find that it causes you to be deficient in even more vitamins and this is the last thing that you need.

Brittle Hair and Nails

So many people experience brittle hair and nails, and if this sounds like you then there is a chance that you have a lack of biotin in the body. Biotin is otherwise known as Vitamin B7 and this works by helping the body to convert any food into energy.

If you have this deficiency then you may experience chronic fatigue, muscle pain, cramps and even tingling in both your hands and your feet. If you want to treat your deficiency then try and make sure that you eat plenty of organ meats, egg yolks, broccoli and even whole grain as well.

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Mouth Ulcers

Lesions around the mouth or even mouth ulcers can be linked to certain vitamins or even minerals. Mouth ulcers are often called canker sores and they can indicate that you have an iron deficiency.

If you have cracks around the mouth then this can cause the corners of the mouth to bleed and this can be down to you salivating excessively. It can also be down to the fact that you are dehydrated as well so this is something that you need to keep an eye on. If you suspect that you are deficient in iron then consider eating more poultry, dark and leafy greens, seeds and even nuts as well.

Bleeding Gums

If you are very rough when you are brushing your teeth then this is a sign that you are bruising your gums. If you don’t have enough Vitamin C in your diet however then this is another reason why your mouth may be bleeding.

Vitamin C plays a huge part in wound healing and it can also help your immunity levels as well. It even works to prevent cell damage. The body does not actually create Vitamin C on its own so the only way for you to make sure that you are getting enough of it is for you to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

If you are struggling with this then consider having more orange juice in your diet, as this is a prime source of Vitamin C.

So there are many health conditions that all come down to a poor diet, and if you are able to correct the problem at its source then you can be sure to reverse any side effects you are experiencing.


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