Showing Your Partner Support in their Big Career Moves

When we talk about careers, we tend to focus on our own career. We talk about what we’re currently doing, our own professional responsibilities, and where we want to be in a given time period.

But it’s also extremely important that you support your partner in regards to their career too! Not only should you want what’s best for them and what’s going to make them happy, but you should also bear in mind that your partner’s career can have a profound impact on your life too.

After all, when one of you succeeds, you both succeed! Now, there are certain landmarks in any career that can determine whether we are going to progress, be promoted, or succeed in other ways. These generally tend to include interviews, presentations, and meetings.

They are high pressure situations, and if your partner is about to engage with any of them, you should consciously attempt to help them with the situation. So, here are a few different ways that you can show your partner support and help them to do well at key points in their career!

Make Sure They Look Smart

People who are about to go through a change in their career tend to be relatively busy themselves and can often fall behind on self-care. This is why you should make the effort to help them look smart.

Book them in for a haircut or trim before the big date, organize a manicure to keep their nails clean and well groomed, purchase John Henric ties to help their outfit look more professional… these small gestures will make all of the difference. They will look presentable and should greatly appreciate the effort you are making to help them out.

Help Them to Practice

While many workplace situations may feel stressful, they are generally predictable. If your partner has an interview, you will probably have a good idea of what kind of questions they are going to be asked in regards to their position.

If your partner has a meeting, they probably know what subjects are going to be discussed. If they are going to give a presentation, they have already have all of the content that they are going to use ready to go.

So, offer to help them practice. Practice interview questions. Listen to them recite the presentation. Suggest questions that they might be asked at the end. Sometimes going over the content with someone else can help to make them feel more comfortable and confident in what they are doing.

Give them a Good Start

The morning of the given career move, wake up early and see them off on a positive note. Perhaps you could prepare breakfast. You could get a last little bit of practice in. You could simply offer them your support.

These are all relatively small steps that you could take to help your partner feel more comfortable and content when they enter high-pressure situations in relation to their career!

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