Should Your Business Be Doing More For The Planet?

Choosing to run a business that is environmentally friendly should be the norm in 2018. When companies like Adidas are killing it with their collaboration with Parley to make clothing and shoes with reclaimed plastics, your business shouldn’t be out of the loop. The environment is a big issue that affects everyone, and if your business has the chance to do something to help the environment, then it’s exactly what you should be doing.

Reducing the impact that your company has on the environment is important, as is preserving as many natural resources as possible. A business that has the power and the voice to do more for the world is a business that is going to find that they can grow more successfully. Customers love an ethical company, so whether you are working for the world around you or you are working to get more sales, you should consider the possibilities.

As a company, you can invest in oil water separators and start campaigns against the treatments of ocean life. You could also use products that will reduce how many natural resources that you use. Rainwater tanks and solar hot water systems aren’t just for residential buildings, especially if you have built your office yourself. Ensuring that your company is one that is environmentally friendly isn’t something that you should consider to be a burden.

It’s a way to appeal to the customers that you have, plus the once that you will have in the future. It’s a way to use your voice as an influencer to make a difference. Companies that reduce the environmental impact on the world are those that are more sustainable long term, because they will always have funds from those who want to see more ethical companies. They will also always have a customer base to appeal to, and a way to maximize their brand.

Avoiding using wasteful things, recycling the things that you can and reusing materials where possible will all lower your costs. There are some simple changes that your company can get involved with doing should you wish to take the responsibility on to be more responsible for the environment:

  1. Avoid unnecessary use of materials in the workplace
  2. Reuse paper in the office for scrap. No more notepads if you have scrap paper that you can turn into jotters.
  3. Recycle as much as possible and only buy your supplies if they can be recycled. You can choose to recycle commercially, or you could encourage staff to help.
  4. Reduce how much paper that you use by double siding when you print. Alternatively, move everything online.

The practices that companies take early on to be ethical are all going to help save the environment. Businesses should absolutely be using their powerful voices for good, to ensure that others know about their hard work and giving them the chance to use a business that gives back. Don’t be afraid to jump on this bandwagon as a business; you have the platform to make a difference.

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