Science Proves Pets Make You A Better Person

I do a lot of posts about how to be a better person and win at life because, after all, what is more important than being a better person today than you were yesterday. It’s the journey into self-fulfillment and satisfaction where you are forever looking to improve who you are. Well, in this edition of being more awesome, we’re going to delve into the utterly irresistible, heart-warming and make you go “awwwww” world of pets.

If you have a pet – a puppy, an old-timer pooch, a kitten, bunny, anything – you’re probably well aware that their presence has improved the quality of your life no end. It’s that warm fuzzy feeling of curling up on the sofa with them on your lap at the end of a long day. However, the benefits go way beyond this. Sure, there are hurdles, like visiting the vets and quickly clicking the “Contact Us” button to get your pets favorite high-quality nutritional protein supplement, but it’s all worth it because studies now show having a pet makes you a better person. Fact.

Social Skills Go Through The Roof

In 2006, there was a study conducted at a state penitentiary that showed prison inmates who cared for animals almost always had better social skills than those who didn’t, not to mention they showed less violent behaviour too. This is because pets have the ability to break down barriers of fear and mistrust, something that can be just as useful in real life as it can inside.

When the Going Gets Tough

If there are three things pets are great at, it’s giving people hope, belief and confidence when times get tough. That’s not just hearsay either, that’s a scientific discovering. Quite simply, when we are at our worst, it’s usually because we feel helpless, which is where our furry companions really help out. They remind us we are not useless or alone. Instead, they remind us we can make a positive impact on the lives of others, and that’s really therapeutic. It’s the unconditional love shown by a pet. It reduces stress and helps us build an emotional resilience.

More Relaxed Than Ever Before

If you’ve been an adult for more than seven minutes, you’ll know life can be pretty stressful. Everything seems to be geared toward stress. Thankfully, when we are around pets, we feel infinitely more relaxed. Sure, there will be times when things get too much and the stress overrules a quick sofa cuddle, but even in these moments, if you match your breath with your pets you will feel a sense of relaxation wash over you. Even chatting with them about your worries and what not can dramatically help too.

Self Love Is Easier With Pets

Pets can awesome at boosting our self-esteem, happiness and contentment, all while boosting our self-worth at the same time. Pets just have this way of helping people who suffer from mental health issues, whether that be mild depression, bipolar or anything, and it’s all because pets offer us unconditional love. Several studies even show that dog owners have higher self-esteem levels and suffered less from depression and loneliness.

Basically, get a pet. ASAP.

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