[Review] I Saw B2K’s Millennium Tour Performance on YouTube and WELP….

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I was disappointed to say the least.

Listen, it really pains me to have to write this blog post but I gotta speak my mind on this because I genuinely love these guys. I was on YouTube the other day and one of my recommended videos just so happen to be B2K’s full Millennium Tour performance from their NYC show date.

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Now, I have never been a fan of people recording an artists show and spoiling the entire experience for their fans by uploading it on Al Gore’s internet. However, I couldn’t help but watch, being that I, like millions of other teen girls in the early 2000’s, was absolutely in love with B2K and excited about their reunion.

As far as actually going to the tour is concerned, I had my doubts about running to purchase an overpriced concert ticket. This reunion is seemingly coming out of nowhere and the group doesn’t even seem the least bit interested and coming together to put out some new music. Their break up was extremely messy and even after the 15 years that passed, there still seems to be some wounds that haven’t healed. After watching the first 5 minutes of their show on YouTube…I knew that I made to right decision to wait to purchase my Millennium Tour tickets…

The vibrant, energetic group that I loved at 15 was not the same group that I was watching in 2019.

Dance moves were sloppy, music sounded unrehearsed and the LIP-SYNCING??? Chile…..It was obvious to me that this tour was something that was put together last minute and they had little time to rehearse. Of course they performed their most notable hits like “Uh Huh”, “Bump, Bump, Bump”, “Why I Love You” and others…but they definitely missed the mark by neglecting to perform some of the deeper cuts that true B2K fans know and love like “Come On”, “One Kiss”, and “Everything”. Which brings me to the inevitable solo set from Omarion…

He was introduced by my husband of the group J-Boog who performed a brief You Got Served dance moment. Omarion’s set was entirely to long and it threw off the entire energy of the show. Now, O definitely has some bops, this is a fact. But, the truth is not everyone knows Omarion’s solo music  like that and I think in order to keep the flow and energy of the show he should have opted to do a medley instead of performing full songs. Omari looked absolutely washed on stage…lip-syncing through songs and barely dancing by himself and that’s not the Omarion that we are used to. (I’ve seen him several times before and he’s an absolutely AMAZING performer.) The highlight of his moment was when he brought out Danielle Polanco who is the dancer that was featured in the Touch music video. (That girl KNOW she is a dancing somebody!)

After the Omarion’s set, shit just got awkward. They came out one by one ATTEMPTING to sing a sort of but not really medley before going into their final number and that was it. Their energy the entire show smelled of meetings that should have been an email and overdue rent payments, except for Raz B. Demario was dancing for his life the entire time and he gave the absolute MOST. You can tell that being on stage with his bandmates means a lot to him . For the rest of those negrums…Omarion, Lil Fizz, and J-Boog…I’m gonna need ya’ll to do better. I mean, it was so bad at one point I had to question if Fizz mic was even on!

I’m so glad that I was able to get this preview before I bought a ticket because I would have been one pissed bitch had I showed up for the Millennium Tour and this was the show I got. I don’t think its too much to ask of them to at least act like they want to be there. Personal issues aside, B2K are certified legends. They are forever a part of our culture and we should appreciate and respect them for that.

The Millennium Tour stops in Chicago next month and I think i’m going to get some crab legs instead.




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