Reasons To Add The Dominican Republic To Your Bucket List!

If you’re somewhat an adventurer, who just can’t seem to keep their feet in one place, your bucket list of destinations is probably pretty full (and why not)! Life is about exploring and making memories that last, from scuba diving to mountain treks. Or perhaps something less active and a bit fancier (involving beaches and cocktails) is more of your scene! The stunning lands of the Dominican Republic really have something for everyone, so let’s dive in and see why you should fast add this lovely to your adventure list. 

Wonderful waterfalls

Exploring the Dominican Republic, you’ll find yourself plenty of gorgeous waterfalls to delight your eyes and have a truly relaxing swim. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic is the Damajagua waterfalls, this area consists of an impressive twenty-seven beautiful waterfalls, locally known as ‘27 Charcos de Damajagua’. Trek the lush forest surroundings before jumping into the crystal clear pools that these natural beauties create. Several tour companies offer trips to take you around the best of these spectacular sites, and some include some really delicious lunch options too. 

Beautiful beaches 

The Dominican Republic is famed for its stunning beaches that people flock from all over the world to see. If you like nothing better than to sunbathe, sip your favourite tipple or swim in luscious waters, the Dominican sure won’t disappoint you. There are so many beaches to choose, from Punta Cana, to Playa Dorada or Las Galeras. 

 In Punta Cana many try snorkelling experiences or glass-bottom boat trips, so if you’re looking to make some tropical fish friends, why not give this a go? Playa Dora is arguably the main beach in the Dominican, drawing so many people to it with its epic mountain scenes of beauty. Las Galeras still has the charm of a relatively undiscovered beach and is lined with beautiful palm trees. 

There are so many amazing resorts in the Dominican Republic, which can make your choice a little tricky. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, have a wide range of quality options, including all the excellent leisure and entertainment fixes that you could desire, to make your stay special.

Fantastic food 

The Dominican Republic is a real foodies delight, with ample rich dishes on offer packed with cultural charm. Rice and meat dishes dominant Dominican food and their cuisine also uses many root vegetables and plantain. One of the typical recipes to try here is Sancocho; a type of meat stew cooked with juicy vegetables and some delicious plantain. Some versions of Sancocho are made with up to four different succulent meats which may include chicken, beef, pork sausage or chops. For your delightful plantain based dishes, why not try Tostones, which is made from fried plantains or Mangú, which is a plantain based mash.

The Dominican Republic is also a popular spot for some excellent nightlife. If you like to party, dance and sample a wide array of delicious rum drinks, here’s another reason to grab your pen and fast jot this one on your wanderlust list! 

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