Rachel Dolezal is a Con Artist and Black People Need To Stop Giving Her A Pass

I repeat, RACHEL DOLEZAL IS A CON ARTIST AND BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO STOP GIVING HER A PASS. Was that loud enough? Good, because this I need you to hear me on and I need you to hear me loud and clear.

So Rachel Dolezal’s latest interview made its rounds on the internet today. I’m so tired of the media giving this transracial hoe coverage on their networks to push her faux narrative of “being true to herself”. Furthermore, I am equally if not more tired of seeing black folks comment and say “Who cares if she identifies as Black, hell she’s done more for blacks than most blacks!”


Rachel Dolezal has NOT done more the black community than we have done for our own. Everything she has done, started with US.┬áThe civil rights movement was a movement lead by US and was done out of NECESSITY, YET Rachel Dolezal treats it as an accessory to her “blackness”.

Nah B…


Everything Rachel Dolezal (I refuse to acknowledge her African name) has done in her career, could have been done as the white woman that she was born as. She made CONSCIOUS CHOICE to pose as a black woman in effort to FURTHER HER CAREER. The receipts that have came out about her have proven this. Not only does she use the plight of blacks for her own personal gain, she uses the trauma that blacks have endured in our communities to make her feel better about herself because she knows DAMN WELL what she doing is manipulative AF. Though I do believe that she may have some mental issues, I also believe that this hoe is SMART and knows EXACTLY what she’s doing.


It’s absolutely sickening that so many people believe that just because this women has studied more black history than the average white person that we should be okay with her passing as a black woman. Rachel Dolezal, if you’re reading this…just like you have the right to identify as black, I have the right to identify that I don’t identify with your “blackness”. STAY WOKE tho.

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