R&B Singer Mario Joins the Cast of ‘Empire’; Releases New Album ‘Dancing Shadows’ [STREAM]

Look who’s back in the spotlight! Before Chris Brown, before Trey Songz, and before Ne-Yo, singer Mario absolutely stole my little 17 year old heart when his debut single “Just A Friend” came out in 2002.

Can’t talk about “Just a Friend 2002” without mentioning the other notable jams like “Braid My Hair” and “Come On” from his self-titled debut album…Mario was THAT GUY. After years of cranking out R&B hits like “Let Me Love You”, “How Could You” and “How Do I Breathe”, he took a “hiatus” due to label politics and now, nearly 10 years since his last album, he’s back with a brand new album entitled Dancing Shadows. On a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, he talks about his hiatus from the music industry as well as the new project.

In addition to new music, he also made his debut on FOX’s Empire where he plays “Devon”, a young talented singer who takes care of his disabled sister after their parents passed away.

One thing is for sure, Mario can sang his behind off and he’s always been great on the acting front as well. (I LOVED him in the Freedom Writers). I feel like his character on Empire is going to be around for a while because something tells me Jussie’s character is going to get killed off. (I can’t be the only one that feels this way! lol)

I’m glad that Mario is back with new music…R&B was starting to take a odd turn and I feel like with Mario, Ella Mai and others releasing quality R&B music its starting to get back on track. Dancing Shadows debuted at #1 on the iTunes R&B chart so its clear that its something the people want. Take a listen to his album below and be sure to support it on your preferred streaming platform!

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