Protecting Your Health On Vacation

A vacation is a time to relax – but that doesn’t mean you should take a relaxed attitude to your health. Here are several important tips for protecting your health on vacation.

Research into local dangers

Whilst many popular tourist destinations are pretty safe, there could still be high crime areas nearby or dangerous wildlife to look out. Similarly, some places may come under threat of extreme weather such as hurricanes or floods during certain times of the year. Make sure that you’re aware of these local dangers so that you can take efforts to avoid them.

Look into vaccines

In certain countries, you may be advised to get vaccinated against certain diseases before you go. This could involve visiting your local clinic and getting injections over a period of several weeks.

Alternatively, you may need to take tablets, as is the common case with malaria. You should leave yourself enough time before you go to get these vaccinations. These jabs can be expensive so make sure that you’ve budgeted for them.

Know the local emergency number

It’s important that you also know the local emergency number when you’re in a new country so that you can call an ambulance if you need it. If you’re travelling somewhere very remote and doing something extreme such as climbing a mountain, you may want to look into air evac services just in case you need them – a regular ambulance won’t be able to access these areas. Try to keep your phone charged up so that you always have a means of contacting emergency services.

Bring some medical supplies

You may also want to bring a few medical supplies with you in case you get injured or sick. Plasters and bandages are useful against injuries such as falls or cuts. Meanwhile, you may also want to pack medication for diarrhea, which be useful in some country if your drink the local water.

Don’t forget to also pack any prescription medication that you may need such as painkillers for chronic conditions, contraceptive pills and allergy medication. If you’re taking a plane, you’ll generally be able to take all of this in your hand luggage, although certain medication may need require you to get a written note from your doctor. Other medication such as medical marijuana could be banned entirely in many countries and you most likely won’t be able to take this with you.  

Take out travel insurance

Getting medical treatment abroad could be expensive. It’s worth taking out travel insurance for this reason to avoid having to pay this money out of your own pocket. Travel insurance may also cover other non-medical emergencies such as flight cancellations and lost baggage so it is very useful to have.

You should shop around to find the best cover for the cheapest price – bear in mind that there may be special family deals that you can take advantage of if you’re going away with kids.  

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