Political Correctness: Can It Become Too Much?

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The UK is a testament to the frightening consequences of political correctness taken to the extreme. Political correctness is fine, but once the government starts issuing policies to satiate the extreme social justice warriors, there will be consequences.

The Breakdown of the Rule of Law

London is an excellent example of how extreme political correctness can damage the fabric of society. Crimes in London have surged ever since the election of Mayor Sadiq Khan. Mayor Khan made it his policy to be more politically correct, frequently meddling with how the Metro did its job. His stance on “racial” justice left a chilling effect on most police officers. He ordered the Metro’s Gangs Database to be overhauled because it had disproportionate racial representations — never mind that specific races committed an excessive number of crimes which landed their names in the database. The Mayor also suspended the practice of police “stop and search”,citing it had a racial bias. These policies gave gangs renewed confidence and dealt a big blow to police morale. In the back of their minds, police officers are wondering if they — and not the suspects they are arresting — will be the ones needing lawyers.


Brexit was a backlash against Angela Merkel’s immigration policies and globalism as a whole. UK residents clamored for their government to prioritize its citizens over that of other countries. The UK was not alone in this regard. Merkel’s globalist policies, particularly with regards to immigration, launched a wave of nationalist sentiments among European Union member countries. The European migrant crisis would not have happened if not for politically correct policies and so-called globalist organizations that profited from ferrying migrants to Europe. Supporting the economies of fellow Europeans was one thing, but taking in hordes of people who didn’t share their culture or respect for the law was too much for UK residents. Sadly, if not for Merkel and her policies, the UK might not even have a reason to leave the EU.

Limited Forms of Expression

Comedy in the UK might be dead or dying. If your joke or statement is even slightly offensive to a particular group of people, expect a visit from the police. Every post, like, or share on the Internet can get you jailed if someone takes offense. Opinions are crimes if they do not conform to a certain narrative. Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson, was jailed for months for making a video exposing Muslim crimes and mentioning the names of the defendants. The fact that the defendants’ names were publicly listed was not taken to consideration, and Tommy Robinson spent months in jail. Even inside the Metro itself, police officers are afraid to criticize their Muslim peers for their extreme views in fear of being called an Islamophobe or racist.

Political correctness is not entirely beneficial. It has created an elite class of untouchables, suppressing everyone who disagrees with their views or criticizes them in any manner. There might be no real freedom unless you are one of the so-called “oppressed.”

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