New Tech Which Brings Pollution Power To The Masses

We all care about the environment, agreed? This is our planet, and we have an equal responsibility to take care of it. It doesn’t matter whether you earn $5,000 or $50,000, the chances are that you want to tackle issues like road pollution. Sadly, the companies working towards solutions don’t always acknowledge that.

Autonomous and electric cars have been leading conversations about pollution for a long time . Sadly, releases like these cost so much that most of us would have to remortgage our homes for them. They aren’t practical solutions. As such, nothing changes, and our cities are still polluted on all sides. Not to mention that our roads continue to be as congested as ever.

As you might have been able to guess, though, there’s more technology here than those vehicles which cost a fortune. There have been plenty of advancements of late which could cut back on pollution. Sadly, they’ve been overshadowed by the autonomous vehicle industry. But, to prove that everyone can make a difference, we’re going to look at three more affordable options today.

Electric scooters

You’re average city dweller won’t be able to pay off an electric vehicle anytime soon. Luckily, an e scooter brings the same benefits for a fraction of the price. This new tech, often overshadowed, could well turn out to be the answer we need. Given that change needs to be widespread to work, they certainly stand a better chance at changing habits in practical ways. Even better, an electric scooter like this ensures that you can skip out on city traffic. Even electric vehicles can’t do that. Before you assume eco-friendly transportation is out of your reach, then, reach for this option.


Rideshares have been growing in popularity for a few years now and, for the most part, they get a pretty bad press. If options like Uber or Ryde are in the news at all, it’s always for bad reasons. What everyone seems to miss is that transport options like these an affordable way to half pollution. By opting for rideshare instead of taking to your car, you ensure that there’s one less vehicle on the road. If even half of us did the same, the city would be an immensely cleaner place. Not to mention that this costs small change compared to the fortune you would pay for an eco-vehicle.

Transport apps

If rideshares get a bad rep, then public transport apps don’t get one at all. There’s a strange silence around this new tech, but it can make public transport cool again. With just your phone to hand, apps like Transit and Moovit take all the hassle out of public transport. Given that delays and complex timetables keep most of us away, that’s a big deal. We’re betting that, if more people knew about this option, they’d be more willing to take a chance on public transportation. That, in turn, could save our cities for good. All for the cost of an annual train ticket.


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