My Neck, My Back: The Best Ways To Beat Back Pain

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80% of us suffer back pain at some point in our lives. This can be the result of an injury or a degenerative disease. Back pain can’t always be cured, however there are ways to temporarily relieve the pain. Prescribed medicine and over-the-counter drugs are some of the best forms of pain relief, but there are other alternative forms of pain relief that are also worth trying. Here are just some of those other effective forms of pain relief.

Stay active

Whilst resting a bad back can help, an equal amount of physical activity is recommended to keep the blood flowing and to prevent muscles seizing up. Exercise can also provide temporary numbing by releasing endorphins around the body. Those with joint-related back problems should steer clear of high impact exercises such as running and jumping, which could aggravate pain – low-impact exercises such as swimming and pilates are much better suited to these conditions.

Reduce stress

Stress releases a hormone called cortisol which causes blood pressure to increase and muscles to tense up, making many forms of back pain more painful. Whilst you can’t always avoid stress triggers, taking measures to relieve stress could be useful in fighting pain. This could include meditating or taking a hot bath, both of which can help to relax muscles and reduce blood pressure.

Upgrade your bedding

Using the wrong type of mattress could make back pain worse. A lack of sleep quality as a result of a painful night’s sleep could aggravate the pain even more by causing stress. Many people with chronic back pain find that a hard mattress is better than soft one as it offers more support for the joints. You could even consider investing in a specialist orthopaedic mattress.

Try herbal remedies

There are many herbal remedies that have been scientifically proven to fight pain. These could be used when taking a break from over-the-counter drugs. Turmeric is a root popular plant used to fight back pain – it has anti-inflammatory properties and is best consumed as a powder in hot water. Devil’s claw meanwhile is another herbal remedy that is commonly used against back pain, commonly administered as a cream. Medicinal cannabis is also commonly used to temporarily numb back pain – you can buy cannabis in its raw form or in the form of pre-rolls online. Cannabis isn’t legal in all states and countries, so you check this before buying.

See a chiropractor

Chiropractors use manipulation of muscles and joints to free trapped nerves and realign bones and muscles. This can be an effective form of pain relief – even helping to cure back pain in some cases. You should only seek this treatment from a qualified practitioner. It’s worth shopping around clinics to find one that is reputable and affordable.


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