Music Review: Kevin Ross ‘The Awakening’

I first got familiar with Kevin Ross from his holiday season Glade commercial that I swear aired every 5 minutes. His song “This Is My Wish” was so damn catchy I had no choice but to Google and see just who this kid was. Turns out Kevin Ross is a real musical bad ass. Classically trained vocalist & songwriter out of the Chocolate City (That’s Washington D.C for the ill informed folks). I’ve dubbed him my “Vocal Bae” and I don’t think anyone from this new generation will be taking his place anytime soon. He released his debut album for Motown Records (I’m a stan for all things Motown ya’ll) called The Awakening last Friday and as I fan of R&B, you know I had to give you my thoughts…

First let me say this, Kevin’s album was the first R&B album that I was excited for in a very long time. Other than old timers like Maxwell, Joe, and the likes…there really hasn’t been a good solid R&B project to come out in a while. I am so glad that I am able to truly say that Kevin’s album does not disappoint! The album isn’t feature heavy, which I appreciate. A lot of times R&B singers fill their album with a ton of rap features and that to me takes away from the essence of what a great R&B album is supposed to be. Kevin only has rap features from Lecrae & Chaz French with a non rap feature from BJ The Chicago Kid.


The damn song has been on repeat and I can’t stop listening. It is likely that the song samples Michael Jackson’s “Butterflies” (and ya’ll know how I feel about my King!) but I can’t confirm since I have not read the album credits BUT it is very reminiscent of that. Don’t Go is said to be Kevin’s next single from the project and I would have to say that is an excellent pick. Other stand out tracks for me were O.I.L, Be Great, Don’t Forget About Me, & Pick You Up.

Kevin does switch it up a bit and has tracks like Her Hymn and In the Name of Your Love that aren’t traditional R&B cuts. Her Hymn sounds like its straight out of your Baptist church and In the Name of Your Love has a dance feel to it. The only thing I think I would have loved to see on this project that I didn’t get is a throwback Motown-esque record, with Kevin being an Motown recording artist THAT would have been a great addition.

Overall I loved this album! Kevin and his musical team truly put out a solid debut. Go out right now and listen/buy The Awakening. I promise you won’t be disappointed! And if you haven’t seen Kevin absolutely slay these R&B hoes to the gawds from the comfort of his own home…check out his R&B mash-ups over on his Facebook page.

P.S – Don’t Go is STILL on repeat as I type ya’ll…


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