MoNique, Instead of Calling for a Boycott, THIS is What You Should Have Done

MoNique has definitely earned her title as one of the “Queens of Comedy”. She has a very long and very impressive resume that proves her undeniable talent as an actress and comedian. Today she took to her social media to call for a boycott of Netflix for gender and color bias, stating they offered her a 500k deal for a comedy special while Amy Schumer, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle were offered more for their specials…a lot more. There’s so many layers to this, ya’ll and I personally think MoNique could have handled this a little better. Let me just start by saying this…


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Offering 500K is absolutely an insult to MoNique and I understand why she would be upset at the offer. Her Academy award alone is worth at least a million. BUT I believe Netflix’s definition of resume and MoNique’s are completely different. We are in time where social currency weighs heavily in business deals. Amy Schumer has 6.4 million followers on Instagram… MoNique has 212k. That’s not to say because Amy has more followers that she is more talented than MoNique, we all know that’s not the case and Netflix isn’t looking at that. What they ARE looking at is how much more profitable AND marketable an Amy Schumer comedy special would be versus a MoNique who hasn’t had any major projects within the last year.

MoNique, instead of calling for a boycott on a giant media company like Netflix, use this opportunity to build your already damaged brand and reputation and get your social currency up.

WE know you’re worth more than 500k and WE want to see you win (I mean this because I absolutely love your work)! If renegotiating the deal for at least a million isn’t an option (which it probably isn’t now), take that 500k and create one kick ass special. Promote the hell out of it and make it so big that when they come to you for a part two (which you know they will), you can get the coin you DESERVE. Take that time during promotions to (*cough*HIRE ME!*cough*) GET YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA STATS TOGETHER. It is absolutely important and can make your business deals a lot sweeter.

Honestly, it sounds like MoNique may need to get her business together to compete in the current industry climate. I am all for gender equality and I truly hate that MoNique had to experience this. Let’s hope that we can get a new special from her soon!

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6 Replies to “MoNique, Instead of Calling for a Boycott, THIS is What You Should Have Done

  1. This was very positive and business smart advice! I definitely agree! She should’ve also taken some time to reevaluate who is on her management team because they should’ve probably helped them negotiate on at LEAST a million.

  2. Loved this viewpoint! I think she banked too much on being an Oscar winner as assumption she should get paid a lot. Monique damaged her brand by going in on Lee Daniels. If she had an issue with him that wasn’t the time from a business standpoint to publicly drag him. Her clout isn’t that high for a multicultural audience. She definitely has a loyal black audience but in terms of multicultural dollars her mass appeal isn’t there yet. Chris Rock & Dave Chappelle have that and I understand why they can command a higher paycheck. Amy Schumer, not so much. But she is white, and Monique should know the Hollywood game by now that a white person can cough and get a million dollar contract. Black People constantly have to prove their worth & relevance. It’s not right but we literally have to do what Black Panther did and shut mess down with our talent. She should have taken the $500,000 and negotiated for a increase or additional $500,000-a million once the number of views and social media trends proved her relevance & star power.

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