Melaninated Medieval: H.Crowne

In “Things I Love That I Can’t Afford” News, H. Crowne recently posted a “Behind The Scenes” flick from their latest photo shoot with its Founder and Creative Director, Kali Hawk & this woman absolutely slayed my entire being and I CAN NOT DEAL! The pieces are all just absolutely stunning and as a black woman I think we all deserve a crown. Here’s your sneak peek..

About H.Crowne

Signature Piece: The Kali Crowne

A high fashion accessories collection handmade in Los Angeles, H.CROWNE was launched in 2015 by creative director Kali Hawk.

After a string of hit movies (including Bridesmaids and Couples Retreat), Kali entered the fashion industry through a collaboration with Marianna Harutunian on custom crowns. Though jewelry design started as a personal endeavor, press and retail attention quickly followed. Landing the iconic September cover of Paper Magazine (which featured a nude, pregnant Blac Chyna wearing literally nothing but H.CROWNE), the brand had hit the ground running after having been in business only a few months. Kylie Jenner posed for a Terry Richardson cover wearing an iconic black crown by H.CROWNE and, again, it was her only accessory. Next came Madonna posed on the 150th Anniversary cover of Harper’s Bazaar in a custom design, and H.CROWNE was immediately requested by top retailers worldwide.

H.CROWNE is a designer jewelry collection of bold museum-quality pieces. Capturing the spirit of “Henry the 8th on a Saturday,” the collection evokes the aspirational feeling of couture, with a street sensibility. Timeless, classic, and fun, the collection is designed to be mixed, layered, collected, and enjoyed for seasons to come.

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Absolutely GORGEOUS! To shop H.Crowne, visit their Website and follow them, (AND ME lol) on Instagram!

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