Make the Most of the Link Between Mind and Body

We are all familiar with what we need to do to look after our bodies: a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and a good night’s sleep will work wonders every time. In fact, there is now so much information about how to get the most from your body/ be your best self/ get beach body ready that the whole area has become saturated.

But one very crucial area is missing from even this blog’s head to toe tips and that is mental health.

Your emotional and mental well-being are just as important as your physical well-being and many studies have shown that the two aspects are actually intricately linked. Running and regular exercise can help people suffering with depression and your gut bacteria may even have an effect on the way your brain functions.

How You Think Affects How You Act

We all know someone who has been affected by depression. Suddenly, they struggle to think, don’t want to eat and can’t sleep at night. It is clear in cases like this that how someone thinks affects the way they act. Similarly, bipolar disorder presents an even starker contrast in mood changes affecting behavior.

Though you may not realize it, mental health disorders can (and will) affect most people at any point during their lives. But as well as using drugs like seroquel to treat the condition (see more: what is seroquel used for), you should also consider lifestyle changes that you may have previously only have thought of for a physical problem.

Comparing mental health issues to a broken leg isn’t often useful but thinking more holistically about your health and lifestyle in general is.

How You Act Affects How You Think

You might believe that your thoughts are what govern your behavior but has it occurred to you that your behavior also affects your thoughts. Here’s an experiment you can try now. Put a big grin on your face and say ‘eee!’ How do you feel? A little bit silly? Possibly a bit more positive?

If you do then you have just shown that your behavior affects your thinking. You can use your expressive muscles to trick your mind into switching into a different mindset. Other experiments suggest that standing in a large posture (like making a star by stretching your arms and legs) can boost your confidence before doing something scary like going on stage or into an interview.

Take a Holistic Approach

So what does all this tell us? Well, it is clear that just looking after your body isn’t enough to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. You also need to consider what you are doing to help your mind as well.

A good place to start might be to find a fun way to work out. Let’s say you have been running but frankly you’d rather stay on the sofa than go out into the rain; why not try a dance class or learn circus skills which would be more fun and put you in a good mood? It’s worth a go at least.

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