Let’s Talk Winter Skincare!

When the colder months arise, it is important to alter your skin care procedures to ensure you take good care of yourself. After all, the weather has a major impact on your skin. Just think of how much you sweat during the hot weather in comparison to how you feel when it is freezing outside. This blog post aims to give you a helping hand by first revealing how to care for your skin during the fall and then moving onto how to care for your skin during winter. Although we may be coming toward the end of winter, it is really important to keep this advice in mind and use it on a year-on-year basis. So, let’s find out more…

What should you do to care for your skin during the fall?

  •    Exfoliate – Once the summer has waved goodbye for another year your skin can often appear dull and dry. This is why it is important to exfoliate. It can remove the outer layer of the skin that is currently looking dull and so your skin will appear more refreshed and radiant as a result.
  •    Choose your moisturizer wisely – Once the sun has done its damage it is so important to neutralize this via a good moisturizer. Opt for once that contains antioxidants – such as green tea – and make sure vitamins A, C and E are included as well.
  •    Switch cleansers – The third and final tip for fall skin success is to change cleaners. Most people’s skin tends to be oily during the summer months. This means that a deep cleansing face wash is required, however you can go back to a gentler face wash once the sun fades.

What should you do to care for your skin during the winter?

  •    Hand cream – Hand cream becomes even more important during the winter. In relation to other parts of your body, the skin on your hands is a lot thinner. It also has a smaller number of oil glands. As a consequence it is a lot more difficult to keep your hands moist during the cold period.
  •    Body butter – The reason why using body butter is important is because it helps to ensure your skin doesn’t dry out. Make sure you use it!
  •    Indulge in a spa treatment – As mentioned in the introduction, our skin can often lack moisture during the winter months, and so this is the perfect time to indulge in a bit of pampering. A lot of women do not visit spas for a number of reasons. Some simply don’t have the time or the money, and there are then those who find the process a bit intimidating. Nowadays, you can get a mobile med spa, meaning the treatment comes to you, and so this is definitely something worth thinking about.
  •    Sun cream – You may find it a bit weird to use sun protection products during the winter. However, just because it is cold outside does not mean that the sun isn’t shining. There are lots of makeup products containing SPF nowadays so at the minimum use one of these.

In addition to this, you may want to get a facial in the fall and winter too. Come rain or shine it is still important to make sure you get regular facials. The reason why a facial is important is because it helps to keep your skin clean and rejuvenated. It ensures you get all of the nutrients you need no matter what the season is. If you are wondering where the best facial is, then you need to do your research. Find a spa that has achieved a fantastic reputation because of the wealth of innovative treatments they have available. Nowadays, the facials you can select from range from those suitable for people who are exposed to pollution, to the super facial, to even a bespoke option.

As you can see, your skin care regime does need to be tweaked and adapted based on the time of year it is. If you follow the advice that has been provided above, you can ensure your skin is cared for properly during the colder months.

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  1. Great winter skin care! I know this blog is all about winter skin care, but I would really appreciate it as well if you could write about summer skin care. I live in a tropical country, and I rarely go out traveling during winter in other countries. I have a really dry and itchy skin, it isn’t flaky, but itchy. This is such an annoying problem for me.

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